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Finding a new color to showcase the interior of your home is pain free with Color Theory. 

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We also know how to give your home that great curb appeal that'll give admires your attention.


Color design

 Collaborate together with our talented color designers to come up with  a concept that suits you.

Torlando Hakes, BFA Founder and CEO

Torlando Hakes, BFA

Founder and CEO

Meet the founder! Torlando is an artist and entrepreneur from Bloomington, IN. As an IU alum, you'll find him to be a cut above your average paint contractor. He's passionate about color and is a pleasure to be around.






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Passion for Painting

We really love painting.  Something about it is so unnerving and peaceful.  What we find, is that in the quiet moments, once all of the furniture is cleared out, the picture frames are taken down and the nail holes filled in, a calming feeling comes over the body. We are able to step back and out of the world, throw our cares to the side and let our mind be distilled by the simplicity of what we do.  A freshly prepped room waiting for paint is like a new blank canvas which to an artist is the beginning of inspiration.

Getting to paint the perfect color for you is just exciting to us!






Talented Design


We're all about fresh, crisp, clean lines and rich color.  You'll be amazed by the care we put into every room. Meticulous and careful is how I'd describe our work ethic.  We understand the fundamental desire for every American to have a home that is more than just a place to live but a sanctuary, safe and calm. 

Every Color Theory Painter is professionally trained the Color Theory Way. That makes achieving consistent results a behavior. When you mix a job well done and the perfect color, you'll find yourself sitting in the home of your dreams! And you've been living in it all along. Browse our photo gallery below for some great ideas!





We believe painting has the cure to help you unwind and decompress for the day. Studies show that people often have quite visceral reactions to color.  Especially when it's as pervasive as wall color. There is a color for every mood and personality and we are really good at helping you find that color. 

We know how important it is to feel like you can come home and relax. We believe painting has the cure to help you unwind and decompress for the day. That's why we take so much pride in what we do.  That's what makes us Color Theory.


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Color Consultation

At Color Theory, we work with homeowners to find the perfect color scheme that fits who they are.





"A color consultation is really more of a collaboration between you the homeowner and us the designers."
-Torlando Hakes, Founder & CEO


Our color consultation is fun and pain free.

Click Here to Purchase a Color Consultation appointment!

Click Here to Purchase a Color Consultation appointment!

We know what it's like to stand in front of the wall of endless color at the paint store and feel overwhelmed by all of the choices. It's paralyzing! That's why working with our professional color designer Torlando Hakes is so helpful.  With a background in fine arts and a heart of a teacher he will sit down with you and together come up with a color scheme that suits your home.  His passion for color is contagious! 


Color Choice is an Art

There aren't really any formulas or "a+b=c" models for picking colors in your home. Having a knack for color is something that's developed and honed in with time. Certain basic "guiding" principles can be applied but much of choosing a color for your home is deeply rooted in culture and personal taste.  It's a little hard to describe, but when you know, you just know.

our process

Typically color consultation appointments are held either at the time of the estimate or at a later date before we begin working on the project.

You don't have to use our painters to complete the painting project but it is recommended because you can be sure that we are using the paint that's designed and formulate for the colors we are helping you choose.  We use the best Benjamin Moore products because they are high quality products with great color and they are healthy for the environment.

Get to Know You

When we arrive at our scheduled appointment we first want to get to know you, your interests and some of you color preferences. Getting to know you better helps us to better serve you and it's one of the fun parts of our job! We're looking for basic ideas like "bright and bold" or "calming and neutral". We try to use words that are pretty universal.

Get to Know the Space

Next, we take a look at the space needing painted. There are many things to consider and we may ask a few questions.  For example, "What is the space used for?", "What is the lighting like?", "Who uses the space the most?", "What furniture or art is staying and what is going?" We'll also ask whether you'll be painting the ceiling, walls and/or trim.

Work General to Specific

One of my favorite lessons I learned in art was to work general to specific.  Think, Michelangelo, "there's a statue of David somewhere in the block, we just have to start chipping away". First, we might take on a big open space like an entrance, long hallway or big open living room. We'll take a look at a few "color families" and start to narrow it down to the family you like best.  Working General to Specific will come up again and again.

Building Connection

For most color schemes I like to find what I call a "Connecting color" or sometimes I'll call it the "Transition Color".  This color is usually, but not limited to, a Neutral tone. Neutral colors are great because they allow for easy transition from room to room without making it difficult to look in different color families for satellite rooms.  This color serves as a connection to other parts of the home.  Entrances, hallways and living rooms are often great places for Connecting Colors because those rooms are often the rooms we travel through to other parts of the house. The living room also serves as a landing and launching site for our daily activity and so having a  neutral living room can be a great way to restore balance and recalibration in your home.


Lighting is a huge consideration for color in the home.  Color is dynamic and over the course of the day different hues (colors) take on different personalities.  Some color collections are designed to play with the shift in light while others are designed to contain it. We'll walk around to each part of the room and examine how the light interacts with the color, whether it's direct sunlight, indirect sunlight, artificial light, etc. Each light casts a different vibe and choosing the incorrect light will sometimes make you hate the color, but change the bulb and you instantly love it.

Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight

Indirect Sunlight

Indirect Sunlight

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Developing a Scheme

Once we've picked a "connecting color" we'll then move around room by room keeping a finger on that first color.  For each room we'll work general to specific first looking at a few different options for the room.  We'll hold up the color sample in different lights and then start to narrow down the options until we find the perfect color.  I like to start with a smaller fan deck that's not so overwhelming.  But if we find that the limited choices are close but not quite there, then, I'll pull out the "big mama" and we can really hone in on the right color. We'll compare each color we pick to the other colors and make sure that they all work well together and with the connecting color.  We'll often look at the color from the viewing point of other rooms so that we know it'll look good both while you're in the room and when you're walking into it.  You might even feel excited to enter each room because you love the color so much!

The 60/30/10 Rule

You may hear me mention the 60/30/10 Rule at our appointment.  This is an idea that helps you plan the colors of the entire room. 60% of the room should be one color.  This is usually the color of the walls.  Then 30% is a supporting color.  This can be found in furniture items, floor coverings and other medium sized items.  Then the last 10% is the "pop". You can use throw pillows, candles and other small items as an accent color to give your room life.  This is just a helpful tool, but some rules are just meant to be broken!

Key Terms

Here are a couple of terms that we'll use to describe color:

  • Hue - a color or a shade of color
  • Saturation - the degree of difference from gray (low saturation) to bold (high saturation) having the same lightness
  • Muted/Bold - low saturation vs. high saturation
  • Light/Dark - as related to hue or shades of color
  • Warm/Cool - warm colors are in the red/orange/yellow family, while cools are in the green/blue/purple family.  Neutrals can also be tinted warm or cool depending on how much of either family is showing through.
  • Neutral - Neutral colors are usually earth tones like Off-whites, Grays and Beige.
  • Tint - refers to the pigment used to create different hues in paint.

Other Terms

We may also use words like "Monochromatic", "Analogous" or "Complementary Colors". These terms refer to the relationship between colors on the color wheel. Monochromatic are colors all in the same family but with different degrees of lightness and saturation. Analogous colors are shades of color next to each other on the color wheel.  Complimentary Colors are colors on opposite ends of the color wheel.  Using color combinations that fit within these relationships can help us simplify the process to coming up with a color scheme, but its ok to think outside the box.

After the Consultation Appointment

After we're done with the color consultation we'll send you a samples of your colors in the mail on larger sheets.  That way you can hold them up and see what they look like at different times of the day. Then when we receive your payment for materials we'll have the paint delivered to your doorstep! After that, our talented crew of painters will start to work their magic!

The Future is Full of Color!

To Schedule a Color Consultation fill out the form to the right and we'll contact you as soon as possible to schedule a time for an appointment.  Color Consultations are a fun and easy way to pick the right colors for your home. As a bonus, we'll offer an estimate for FREE so you can plan your painting project with a Color Theory Team.


We are honored to be among the top 5% of companies who received the 2013 Super Service Award on the popular review site Angie's List.  We are now a two time recipient of such an award because of our dedication to customer service and quality painting. 




"Torlando was a consummate professional from the color consulting all the way through the job.  He spent about 5-6 days completing the work and was very clean and efficient.  The colors worked wonderfully and that was an essential part of his service. We are convinced that if he had not helped us with the selection we would not have been as thrilled with the final product.    Outstanding."

- Lance Lambert

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What others are saying about us!

"Torlando and his crew are truly amazing! They are talented, professional, kind and hard working. They started the work prior to us moving in and managed to work without our water even turned on for several days while we tried to fix the issue. They never complained once... Just kept plowing through. I picked the colors remotely and Torlando was kind enough to test them out in the house prior to ordering them. He realized some of the colors needed to be a bit warmer for the new flooring, and adjusted them accordingly... And gorgeously! He was dead on, and I'm so grateful for his expertise! After our flooring was put in the installers forgot to caulk the floorboards, and Torlando handled all of that for us. Torlando came up with fantastic and fun ideas for both of our children's bedrooms. We are thrilled! I can not say enough positive things about my experience. I was actually sad when the project was finished... I'm going to miss the crew:). This house is fabulous... All thanks to Torlando's team!"
-Megan Morseth

"Torlando and his team did an excellent job.  The color consultations with Torlando were extremely helpful in choosing the colors for the various rooms, and well worth the negligible additional cost.  We had already had some particular ideas of what we wanted, and Torlando was able both to find the perfect choices for what we were looking for, as well as make additional suggestions we had not originally considered.  All of the colors ended up as great as we could have hoped.  The team worked quickly and efficiently, completing the entire house in about a week and a half, and did a very thorough and professional job.  It's very evident right away that this was a house that was painted by people who really knew what they were doing.  I had expected it to be a relatively disruptive process, given that the entire house was being done, but it turned out to be far more painless than I had through it would be.  Definitely would recommend them, and in fact, there are a few further small painting jobs we are planning to have done later on for which we would definitely use them again."
-Karen McEwen-Lawrie

Bedroom 10.png
"Everything went great. Torlando listened well to what we wanted and what we liked and did not like. He even came up with a great idea for painting some accent walls to break up our two-story entryway and living room that has a vaulted ceiling so that the spaces didn't seem so big. They now feel more separate and less overwhelming, which we love. We have already met and picked out all of the colors for the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs."
- Amanda Schroeder

"We were so pleased with the quality of Torlando's quick work in painting our home's hallways and stairwells. Such crisp edges! It looks perfect. We felt Torlando's bid was very competitive and well worth the price.  He's also a super friendly guy and we felt very comfortable having him in our home whether we were there or not. Will absolutely hire him again!"

- Jessica Quirk

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"I recently hired Torlando to paint the master bedroom of our new home. The overall experience was excellent. I will certainly be hiring Torlando for all of our future painting projects! On the day of the project Torlando was on time and got started right away. The actual paint job was very well done. The price was very reasonable. I have worked with other painters that charged more for lesser quality.
I will certainly hire Torlando again!"
        -  Joseph Kerschbaum 

"It turned out excellent! They did a great job."

- MaryJane Miller

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"We have had him back three more times to paint bedrooms and hallways.  He has consistently done a great job.  We will continue to have him paint rooms in our home.  Torlando is reliable, affordable and really talented."
- Chris Ritrievi