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Torlando and his team did an excellent job. The color consultations with Torlando were extremely helpful in choosing the colors for the various rooms, and well worth the negligible additional cost. We had already had some particular ideas of what we wanted, and Torlando was able both to find the perfect choices for what we were looking for, as well as make additional suggestions we had not originally considered. All of the colors ended up as great as we could have hoped. The team worked quickly and efficiently, completing the entire house in about a week and a half, and did a very thorough and professional job. It’s very evident right away that this was a house that was painted by people who really knew what they were doing. I had expected it to be a relatively disruptive process, given that the entire house was being done, but it turned out to be far more painless than I had through it would be. Definitely would recommend them, and in fact, there are a few further small painting jobs we are planning to have done later on for which we would definitely use them again.
— Karen McEwen-Lawrie
Mr. Hakes, like all good professional craftsmen, has great attention to detail. He carefully prepares the area to be painted: patching, plastering, sanding, or whatever is necessary to provide a smooth, clean surface for the paint. He chooses paint that fits the requirements of the area to be painted, be it for reflectability, luster, color absorbtion and retention, fast drying, and low paint odor. His labor costs are very reasonable, and he is very precise in applying the paint. He carefully cleans up the work area after completing his work, and manages his time very well. One could not ask or hope for a better result.

The overall assessment of Mr. Hakes’ work was most satisfactory. The ceiling and walls of the dining room, where the work was performed was ready for use by the next mealtime with only a minimum of paint odor. With his help, the furniture and carpeting was returned to its original placement and his careful selection of paints to be used for ceiling and walls completely transformed the look of the room
— Glen Read

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