What Do You Want Your Home To Look Like?

Transform Your Home With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Painting is one of the most impactful ways to make your space truly feel like home. Whether your house is full of the previous owner’s bad decisions or is feeling tired and outdated, painting will transform how you feel while at home. 

Restore Balance & Harmony By Choosing The Right Colors

Our environment shapes and informs us. When the visual space of our home is misaligned with who we are, we feel imbalanced. Choosing the right colors for your home and being surrounded by great craftsmanship is one piece of living your best life.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset With High Quality Products

Your home is your safe space. Wear and tear, weather and unforeseen events damage your home and decrease its value. By maintaining your coatings you’ll preserve the life of your home and feel proud of the level of care you give to your most valuable asset.


Getting Started Is Simple…

  1. Schedule an appointment

    You’ll meet with a Color Theory Consultant who will discuss your ideas, gather information and take measurements for an estimate.

  2. Develop a plan

    Your Consultant will help you define your color palette and come up with a plan for your project that will fit within your budget. We can also look at financing options to make things more affordable.

  3. Book your craftsman painters

    The final step is to invite your team of Craftsman Painters who will perform the work on your behalf. We only choose people for our team of Craftsmen that we would feel comfortable having in our own homes.


From “When can we move?” to “I love our home!”

Living with mediocre or outdated design can weigh on your emotions and your energy, leaving you unsatisfied and looking for excuses to not spend time at home. The good news is that you don’t need to commit to a full remodel to transform your home. Painting gives you dramatic improvements for a fraction of the cost of other home improvements. Crisp, clean lines and the right color scheme can set the tone for you to work, play, and relax.

“Torlando has an impeccable eye for detail and elegant design, plus an extremely professional team of artists, (and overall AWESOME people), that completely transformed my home. Very tidy; non-disruptive and genuinely talented group. Nearly every room color was updated and actually looking forward to having them back to update intricate French kitchen cabinetry. Absolutely the best in Bloomington.”

— Jadoremeg

“From start to finish, the entire experience was exceptional... We told him what we liked/didn’t like, and he narrowed it down, and then helped pick well-matched trim and front door colors. Power washing was very good, thorough, efficient and quick. Painting team was professional, kind, extremely hard-working and very, very good at what they do. I can’t find a mistake, chip, drip or peel anywhere...The end result was so beautiful and such a drastic, amazing change! Best money we could have spent. Over the years, we have learned that you get what you pay for in home repairs. With Color Theory, I feel you get more.”

— Megan M.

“We highly recommend Color Theory, Torlando, and his staff. The crew that worked on our project were professional, friendly, timely and conversational. Our vision was put into action by Torlando and his crew. Thank you, Color Theory, for helping make our vision a reality!”

— Natalie M

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What Does Painting And Color Consultation Cost?

The lowest cost way to get your home painted is to do the work yourself. DIY projects are sometimes fun in smaller doses. A bathroom or single bedroom you can do over the weekend will actually help you feel accomplished. But when the project is several rooms, includes several hard to reach spots or extensive drywall or wood repair, the project starts to become harder than it looks on tv.

The second lowest cost option is to hire a less reputable painter with a low price and low standards. While some of these guys are really nice at first it is sometimes hard to discern who will show up clean and with a great attitude, who will give your professional results and who won’t wreck your home.

The best value comes from working with an established company who is committed to a professional experience and high quality results. You’ll rest assured that they are properly insured, follow industry standards for quality and they will communicate and keep you informed all along the way.

Pricing Options

  • We can help you get the best value for your project by helping you plan out your project, even if you’re just trying to get an idea as to whether your painting project is more doable now or later. 

  • We can also plan out your project in phases, completing each phase of the project as you are able to budget for it.

  • Last, we can help you apply for 18-month interest free financing so you can accomplish everything you want to accomplish today, without tying up your savings in one shot.


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