Finding Your Sweet Spot

To say that finding a career path for yourself is difficult, is an understatement. More often than not the first career path you choose won't be your last. Sometimes we find that our strengths and the passions we have don't line up with our knowledge of available career opportunities. But when you figure out our strength and align that with your passion you have the potential to find your "sweet spot". You know what you're passionate about because your probably spending time online, outside of work and maybe sometimes during work, devoted to this passion. You might even know what your biggest strength is or at least are close to figuring it out. Where finding your sweet spot changes your life is when your sweet spot crosses paths with a marketable product or service. If you are taking the step to learn about being a color consultant that means that you are passionate about color. You're obsessed with Houzz and HGTV. You love changing the color in your home as often as you can, your wardrobe is bright and colorful and you spend hours thinking about how you can make your home look perfect. You've found your passion. Not only this, but you get so many comments from your friends when they come over to the point where they ask you for advice when redecorating. You get a decent amount of likes on instagram when posting things about your decorating and you know deep down that you've got an "eye". It's ok to be honest with yourself. Your strength is in color. But how do you make a career out of color?

Color Theory Connect

Color Theory Connect is the resource center you need to establish yourself as a local leader in color. Our learning program and marketing materials will help you connect to the right people who are in need of the service that you are uniquely gifted to offer. You'll be able to learn from color expert Torlando Hakes as he takes more than 10 years of color consulting experience and business ownership and packages is into an easy to follow year round plan for running your business. We're not just promising leads and exposure like so many websites offer. We are giving you real world tools and best practices that put the key to the ignition in your hands. Here's what you'll get!

Connect Basic Training

Business Training

Our 12 month program covers the key principles of running a service business. You'll learn about Multi-Channel Marketing which is the safest and most reliable strategy of marketing. Many SEO companies and review sites show you slide after slide about how their company will kick start your business for a sum of money that will wipe out your marketing budget. We think putting all of your eggs in the SEO basket isn't very wise, especially in service based businesses. We'll help you discover which ones are worth it and which ones are a waste of money. You'll also learn five times as many methods to get business without a website or a big budget. These are things you can start doing today to generate work. We'll talk about building a team and a network so that you can sell backend painting services and affiliate paint products without having to run a paint crew or work in a paint store. You can work from home and schedule appointments according to your schedule. We'll talk about how to make a natural sale that doesn't feel like a gimmicky pitch. We want you to improve your sales ability without feeling like you've sold your soul. We'll show you how selling is nothing more than a conversation. Lastly, we'll talk about the money. We'll come up with a personal financial plan so that you can determine how much to pay yourself, rather than receiving a set paycheck and trying to figure out how you can cram your lifestyle into a tight budget. All of these lessons are presented to you month by month and as a bonus you'll get a living calendar that will help you stay on track and supplement your week with money making strategies. In 12 months you'll get a practical business education tailored to the color consulting industry and service businesses that MBA's have said, "I wish I learned this in school".

Color How-To's

While this program is perfect for practicing Interior Decorators and accredited Interior Designers you'll also get a wide range of instruction on how to work with clients to perform a professional color consultation. Included in our offer you'll receive a copy of Torlando's book "Colorful: Why You Really Want to Be a Color Consultant When You Grow Up". You'll get tons of great content via our blog and email newsletter, you'll get to participate in discussion threads on Houzz, connect with other professionals and learn out to develop your color picking talent into a money making machine. We'll also point you in the direction of great books and inspiration for color in people's homes.

Online Training & Coaching

All of our training and coaching is done online through web-conferencing and teleconferencing. No need to travel all the way to San Diego or Austria when you can learn the guiding principles from home and gain practical real world experience through getting started today. We'll offer webinars and videos, point to current articles and threads keeping you up-to-date on our industry. Then we'll take it to the next level by being your accountability partner. Continually watching your back as you figure out how to grow your business.

Connect Co-Branding

Brand Licensing

Through Color Theory Connect we offer brand licensing. This unique alternative to franchising gives you the freedom to run your business how you see fit in tandem with using established brand marketing materials that are proven to succeed. Co-Branding offers "done-for-you" multi-channel marketing material so that you can focus on your area of expertise and drive sales through the roof. You'll also be listed on the color theory website and other social media platforms as a Local Service Provider which will bring you organic leads to further grow your business.

Marketing and Sales Material

You'll have complete access to beautifully branded direct marketing materials like sales letters, newsletters, postcards, door hangers, yard signs and business cards. We'll give you some of the greatest tools for sales presentations, leave behind brochures and color consulting that will guarantee a huge increase in closing rates.

Advanced Coaching

Advanced Coaching at this level gives you more access to coaching, a strategy to start building a team and ongoing financial coaching and advice. You'll also be set up with a group of reps nearby that will share trade secrets and elevate all ships. 

Connect Pro


Are you actually looking for a franchise opportunity and found us? Great! We are a good fit for a lot of people. Making money in this business is simple if you are willing to follow the steps and work hard. With the Color Theory Connect Pro account you will get exclusive rights to specific regions. You'll participate in Color Theory Connect Profit Sharing where we give you a percentage of the connect standard and basic sales. With a franchise you'll get area representation, helping you to secure deals and offer ongoing support. You'll get a locally branded Color Theory website with SEO and PPC campaigns. You'll have access to a call center to support larger call volume. You'll receive our Exclusive Franchise Operations Manuals that includes details for office space. You'll get ongoing technical support, HR report and financial advising.

Find out which connect account is right for you!