Painting kitchen cabinets can be the make-over you've been looking for at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen remodel. We make the process simple, clean and pain-free.

If you're looking to update your kitchen, painted cabinets might be a better idea than replacing them.  

Here are some of the benefits to painting cabinets:

  • Save, literally, thousands of dollars!
  • Get a customized and personal color.
  • Keep your kitchen operational during project.
  • Maintain and keep clean easier and longer.

Our processes reduce mess and allow you the flexibility to use your kitchen at night while we are working on your project.

In Phase One, we de-gloss the finish and wash down the cabinets. Wood cabinets have a clear coat finish that must be dulled before paint can properly adhere. The traditional method is to sand this finish down. But this leaves behind a dusty mess that get's everywhere. The de-glosser is a low potency chemical that promotes adhesion between wood and primer without having to sand.

Phase Two, we remove all of the doors and hardware and move them to an open space for painting and drying.

In Phase Three, we are using a strong bonding waterborne primer that sticks to just about everything. Appropriately enough, this primer is called Stix and it's remarkable at providing a strong bond between nearly any surface and finish coats. 

Phase Four, we begin painting the first and second coats. We use a combination of brushing and fine finish rolling. We use a hard enamel waterborne alkyd called Advance by Benjamin Moore on cabinets. This remarkable finish levels out beautifully and hardens to provide a durable finish that will last. 

Phase Five, we'll reinstall the doors and hardware making sure the doors line up and we replace the felt pads on the back of the doors so they don't slam. 

We can't say enough about the benefits of painting your kitchen cabinets. You'll just love it!


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Color Theory recently painted our cabinets and we are thrilled with the results. Torlando and his crew were professional and courteous and did an amazing job. They also kept our kitchen clean while they worked so that we were not without that space for the week they were painting. If you have a painting project big or small, Color Theory is the right choice.
— Noel Koontz