How do I Join the Color Theory Co-Op?

What are the benefits?

Joining the Color Theory Co-Op can greatly accelerate your business. By joining a cooperative of like minded service providers that are tired of owning their own job as opposed to running a business you will unlock the keys to your financial freedom and build the business you've always wanted.

More Leads

By networking together you will be able to generate leads for one another and even make sales commissions. This is what separates us from typical lead generating sites and networking groups. Lead generation and review sites blindly offer up service providers to consumers solely based on the reviews of customers. These providers are ones that are usually tech savvy and have time to update and maintain endless profiles and social media platforms. Not to mention shelling out monthly and per-lead fees which often amount to nothing more than the website making hundreds of dollars off of you. When a bad review comes in it can take months of getting new reviews to burry the bad one. Our co-op is peer reviewed and not public. You also won't be competing against each other because we only offer one provider per category.

Typical networking groups offer a fairy tale beginning but after a while you realize they are filled with sales people and employees who care less about your success than the success of their own company, which isn't much to begin with. There are also a lot of non-home services like chiropractors and banks. These types of groups won't have consistent leads for you because they don't have a natural way of introducing your services. Imagine a chiropractor telling his clients "Oh, your back hurts? Well, maybe you should try hiring out your roofing next time. I happen to know a guy." That just won't happen! He's their to attract you as a customer, not to exchange referrals. But what happens all the time is your customers asking for recommendations. For example, "Mr. Customer, I was looking at your ceiling and there is a little discoloration coming from a possible leak. You'll need to have that looked at before we paint." Customer, "Oh no! Do you know anyone who repairs roof leaks?" "Yes I do, would you like me to put you in contact with them?" "Absolutely!"

One of the hardest part of finding good recommendations is that fact that there are a lot of shady providers out there. When you offer up a suggestion to one of your customers you want to be sure you are passing them along to good hands. In our group you get to meet and speak with fellow providers on a job by job basis. If you've had a bad experience with a member, don't bring them to your customers. Want more work from another contractor? Do good work, take them out to lunch and make it a convenient experience. It's that simple.

Business Support

By joining the co-op you get to take part in our bi-weekly luncheons where we meet to trade leads, discuss successes, failures and talk about how we can improve our businesses. The best part is that this meeting is completely interactive and isn't like most trade association or networking luncheons where you go to a country club and get 7 minutes before lunch to meet people and sit through an hour long presentation of somebody trying to sell you something that has nothing to do with your business. The best part of those meetings is always the part before or after where you get to share business tips and commiserate with fellow home service providers. Our group is guided by everyone at the table. It's a small group and so everyone gets a voice to ask questions and share wisdom. We also stick to an agenda so we're not taking too much time out of the day, just 45 minutes to an hour during a lunch break. 

Office Space

Are you working from home with no place to meet your clients? The Color Theory Co-op building is designed just for you. We have several different options for office and meeting space. You can rent desk space and bring your computer and filing cabinet in for $299/month. Work from a laptop? You can come in just for client meetings or to get out of the home office for $99/month. We also have a daily rate starting at $25/day for things like weekly staff meetings and client meetings. 

How it works!

Project Recommendation Sheet

The Project Recommendation Sheet is the heart of the program. A commitment to using this one thing during estimates will be the catalyst for unlocking this groups true power in referral generation. During your estimate you will be asked to provide your customers with a document that lists the services provided by the group. They will then check the service areas that they would like work done in that you don't provide. If they don't want to check any of the other boxes, no problem! But if they do check a few, this means that they just want to know the name of a good provider when they are ready to move forward with other projects. No pressure on them to commit to anything and really they'll be grateful to you because it's hard to find good home service providers that you can trust to do good work. In this sense, you are only adding much needed value to your customers.

Contractor Lunch

The Bi-Weekly luncheons are also a necessary part of the program. You'll find that coming to them is a blast as we get to know each other and swap war stories. They are also an opportunity for us to help each other and share those customers who are in need of other services. Attendance at these meetings secures your place in the group and will get you the most out of joining the group. By getting to know these other service providers you'll be confident in sending them to your customers home and in turn they will reciprocate the offer. Most customers that are getting work done to their home are getting a couple of things done at once. Because we are working with similar customer bases we can help serve our customer better by connecting them with people that we trust and know will do a good job. When we meet we have the opportunity to gain more trust and help to improve each others businesses in a way that benefits both provider and customer.

What does it cost?

The only cost for joining the Color Theory Co-Op is a commitment to follow the two basic rules. Rule 1) Use the Project Recommendation Sheet on every estimate Rule 2) Attend the bi-weekly luncheons. That's it! The only other costs are completely optional. If you would like office space or a meeting space for clients, see the options above under Office Space. So many good service providers are held back in business because of a lack of quality referrals and business support. However, when you unlock your hidden referral potential you will add substantial customers and profits to your business on a monthly basis. If you're interested in what we have to offer let's grab lunch and talk business!