Can you paint vinyl siding?

I was driving into a newer neighborhood recently, probably just under ten years old, a neighborhood where every house has vinyl siding.  I noticed that one house had a bright orange door.  I could tell they were trying to do something, anything, to make their house a little different than those on the rest of the block. But with the rest of the house being covered in beige, unfortunately the door did very little other than saying, I'm an orange door. The great thing about vinyl siding is that it's cost effective, holds up well to weather and is very easy to replace broken strips.  The biggest selling point of vinyl is that you don't have to paint it.  But can you?  After all, the downside to vinyl siding is that every house tends to look the same. 

The answer is, you can and Benjamin Moore now has a specially formulated exterior paint called Revive that is customized to adhere especially to vinyl siding.  Whereas, in the past you were limited to the few colors that vinyl siding makers offer, now you choose from hundreds of colors in the Benjamin Moore family.  

Painting vinyl siding is also a much simpler process compared to painting traditional wood siding.  You simply powerwash and then paint.  If you're tired of your house looking the same as every other on the block or your vinyl is starting to stain and it just won't get back to the vibrant white, Color Theory is the paint company that can help!  Call us today to learn more about how painting your vinyl siding can help change the look and feel of your life!

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