Nursery Colors with Baby Quirk

Baby Quirk Nursery Colors- Walls: Valspar - Pantone - Barely Blue; Ceiling: Benjamin Moore - Blue Angel

We've painted quite a few nurseries and kids rooms lately and one of the biggest concerns I hear from expectant moms is that they don't want to impose pink on their girls or blue on their boys.

This is part of a growing trend in color decisions where there is a concern about putting pressure on kids from an early age to be or act a certain way.  I totally get it!

However, my experience tells me that some girls just like pink and some just really don't. And they are usually pretty vocal about it. I remember one Christmas where my aunt sent gifts to my two youngest sisters. They opened the packages at the same time and the older one got a pink sweater and the younger got a blue and green sweater. With a look of distaste each looked down at their sweater, looked at each other and then simultaneously handed over their sweater to the other. 

As you can imagine now, one of their rooms is light blue and the other's is lovingly called the Barbie Dream House. 

The challenge is, how do we incorporate a child's taste without it overwhelming the room with that one color?  The latest answer is to use a light neutral gray and fill the rest of the room with as many colors as possible. 

We painted Jessica ( and Adam Quirk's nursery a light gray with a baby blue ceiling. And they flooded the room with color. As I was talking with Jessica about the concept of the room she told me that they were keeping the sex a surprise. Which isn't a bad idea if you're trying to keep the room colors gender neutral. The idea being that when the baby shower comes you won't get all blue gifts or all pink gifts. 

What's so wonderful about the design of this room is that it captures the spirit of the parents while creating the wonder that a child's room should have. And best of all, not everything in the room costs an arm and a leg. The dresser is vintage, the book case home made, the crib was a gift, the chair and the giraffe...just too hard to resist.  

Another way to have a say in the color palette is to let baby shower guests/friends and relatives know what your color palette is. I have some friends who let us all know before hand that they wanted a warm mint green for the palette of their nursery which, because they had done their homework was a pretty easy baby color to find!


Author: Torlando Hakes; Owner of Color Theory, LLC