How to Pick Colors for Your Home

You've been there, I've been there, staring at that wall of color trying to figure out where to begin and all of these colors have simply left you in the dark...(get it? It's because their silhouettes in the stock picture are dark...).  In all seriousness, it's hard, you don't know if it's going to all flow together in real life the same way it flows in together in your mind (not to mention the spouse isn't helping at all).  Trust me, I've had that same argument with my wife and picking colors is what I do for a living.  That's why color consultations are so important when deciding to paint your home.  I met with a woman today who told me she would have painted a year and a half ago if she knew we offered color consultation!  How true is that?!

We began offering color consultation a few years ago and it's a service that helps a great deal of our clients in picking colors for rooms.  Some of our clients come to us already having picked colors with our friend and fellow color consultant Laura from our local Bloomington paint store.  Laura writes about color at her own website In Pursuit of Color. I read quite a few blogs and articles on color or interior design as part of my continual education and Laura has a great writing style that speaks to the heart of what color does for your home and the actual comfort level you feel throughout the day.  This blog is an excellent resource in understanding many of the considerations we make in our own color consultations.  Things like lighting, time of day, furnishings and desired feeling all play a part of what colors to pick.  Both Laura and the talented Color Theory artists and designers do a wonderful job of helping every homeowner feel greater comfort in their living space.

Check out In Pursuit of Color to learn more about picking paint colors for your home or call for Laura at Bloomington Paint & Wallpaper (812-33-PAINT) to learn more about her color consultation services. To work directly with Color Theory interior designers and painters for a full picture of color selection from paint and flooring to furnishings and art Schedule an Appointment today!


Author - Torlando Hakes, Owner of Color Theory, llc