Pumpkin Carving Alternatives


Halloween is fast approaching, and the time is right to get the decorations up and the pumpkins carved and ready. Pumpkin carving is a really fun Halloween tradition for many families, but it can be a time-consuming and messy tradition. Plus, here at Color Theory we are dedicated to bringing great color to your homes, so in this spirit (and the Halloween spirit), we have some alternatives for how to decorate colorful and creative pumpkins without the hassle of carving (though you can always color your pumpkin AND carve it, if you're feeling really adventurous).

Painted Pumpkin

This first no carve method is probably the most popular way to decorate a pumpkin without breaking out the knives and tiny carving tools. For this pumpkin you will need a damp cloth, newspaper, paint, and a paintbrush. First, make sure your pumpkin is cleaned off using the damp cloth. Lay the newspaper over your work surface to protect it from the paint. From there, using your paint and paintbrushes, you can basically go crazy. You can paint crazy faces on your pumpkin. You can make your pumpkin plaid. You can paint your favorite television or movie character on the pumpkin. This is a great opportunity to add something really creative and really colorful to your Halloween decor! This is also a great way to add some spooky color to a pumpkin you may already have carved. Drip some red paint over the pumpkin to look like blood, or lime green for slime. 

 Chalkboard Pumpkin

This no carve pumpkin is my favorite! I am terrible at making decisions and changing my mind. It would probably take me an hour just to choose what I want to carve into my pumpkin, though with this option, I can change up the design whenever I want. For this pumpkin all you need is newspaper, a damp cloth, chalkboard spray paint, and chalk. Chalkboard spray paint can be found at stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, or Hobby Lobby. To start your pumpkin, use the damp cloth to clean the outside of the pumpkin. The paint will stick better to a clean surface. Next, lay newspaper flat on your painting surface. Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area when painting this pumpkin. Hold the pumpkin by the stem and spray one coat of paint over the entire surface. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coat. Both coats will be dried and ready to use after 24 hours. Then, let your imagination run wild with your chalk! There is no limit to the spooky creations that can be made with this pumpkin!  

Sharpie Pumpkin

This is a super easy option for a no carve pumpkin, that can allow the pumpkin artist to be more intricate with details than carving or painting. Also, the only supplies you need are your imagination and some permanent markers. There are many options of how to do a Sharpie pumpkin. You can go simple, with patterns or polka-dots, you can get more creative with stencils, or you can really unleash your inner artist and free-hand an awesome design. The great thing about this kind of pumpkin is that you are not limited in color or pattern. It's really all up to you! Here are two examples of some really cool and intricately designed pumpkins. I could never be this creative, but I think these are really beautiful, and it makes me want to try anyway! 

Tissue Paper Pumpkin

For this no carve pumpkin, you can keep the traditional pumpkin face look, or go completely color and tissue paper crazy (which is what I would do). For this pumpkin you will need tissue paper, scissors, Mod Podge (or slightly watered down glue), and a foam brush. Cut the tissue paper into the different shapes you want. You can make the pumpkin face with two triangle eyes and a half moon grin, you can mosaic your pumpkin with different colors, or you can just cut random shapes and see where that takes you. You can really let your imagination take charge on this one. Use the foam brush to coat the back of the tissue paper with Mod Podge and place the shapes on your pumpkin. Once the Mod Podge is dry, your pumpkin is ready for its big debut! 

Does this pumpkin look like it belongs in an 80s workout video or what?! I love it! 

Does this pumpkin look like it belongs in an 80s workout video or what?! I love it! 

Now that you have some awesome ways to add some color to your Halloween, get out there and decorate some pumpkins! We would love to see your wicked creations as well, so please post your images in the comments or tag @colortheoryllc on Instagram! And if you're looking to add some more permanent color in your home, you can learn more about us and our services by clicking the button below. We hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!