Coordinating Decor

Have you ever thought about changing the design and decor of your home? What has stopped you from going for it? I'm sure we could all list elements of design that we would like to see in our homes, and we might even have a very specific picture of what we would want our homes to look like if we could redecorate (thanks Pinterest). One of the main challenges of decorating a home is knowing where to start and how to make a home flow from room to room without looking monochromatic, or way too over the top. Lucky for you, we have some suggestions to make your interior decorating life a little easier. 

The first thing to do in your home transformation is to pick your colors. A great way to do this is to base the color scheme off an element of decor or a piece of furniture. You can use something already in your home, or bring something new in that you love. The colors you choose do not have to exactly match the focal decor/furniture, but all the colors should compliment each other. 

Here is an example. Notice the painting on the left wall. You can tell colors and aspects of the painting have inspired the rooms. There are blues and soft greens as well as a hint of yellow (in the sunflowers and the frame around the picture above the fireplace mantle) that help to accent the neutral wall color.  

After choosing your color scheme, the next step is picking your accent pieces. Accent pieces are designed to be attention-grabbing and to help seamlessly transition from one room to the next. Get creative with your accents pieces! You can use accent colors for decor, such as throw pillows, vases, picture frames, or lamp shades, or you can use accent colors for painted pieces. To bring attention to larger furniture items like built-ins or bookshelves, you can paint the interior in the accent color, or paint a stencil pattern on the piece. Just remember that the accent color and accent pieces are meant to be attention-grabbing, but not overwhelming in a room. 

Here is an example of a room with bright accents. In this example, you can see how the bright blue flows between the rooms, but is not overpowering. The storage piece in the front room ties in with the interior of the built-in and the throw pillows in the next room (extra credit points if you can pick out the focal piece that inspired these colors). 


Finally, remember to think beyond just the paint and the large furniture items. You can really revamp a room simply by changing up the decor. New curtains, table lamps, area rugs, and pillows can revitalize a tired room. Fruit, flowers, picture frames, books, and other small objects can also freshen up a room and add pops of natural colors. 

This home has beautiful pops of royal blue in the pillows, the vase on the kitchen table, and the frames around the pictures on the wall. The flowers on the kitchen table and in the kitchen add a pop of fresh, natural color to the rooms. This home is a perfect example of how to redecorate without needing to take on an overwhelming paint job. 


However, if you did want to tackle a big paint job, like repainting your home, or if you find you need help painting furniture or murals, we know someone who would be happy to assist with that (hint: it's us)! You can find out more about us by clicking the button below.