3 Essentials to a Beautiful and One of a Kind Tree

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. If you haven’t bogged yourself down with all of the shopping and commercialism, that is. I can admit I sometimes act a little like Charlie Brown around the holidays and it takes a little bit to get into the holiday cheer. Decorating the tree really gets me in the spirit though!

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Step 1: Hang the Lights


Before you do anything hang your lights. You always want more lights than you think you’ll need. Buy three or four boxes to really flood the tree with light. Choose a color that suits your home. From vintage large bulb multi-colored to small white lights, its all about preference with this one. I’m a big fan of classic white lights. They provide such a warm and cozy glow at night time. Try layering the lights from the inside to the outside of the branches to really give the lighting body.

Step 2: Add Garland

When choosing a garland you want to find something that will do a good job of tying all of the ornamentation together. Use a strand of balls that mimic your other balls, or choose a ribbon of color that is thematic of the rest of your ornaments. Beyond the color being complementary to the rest of the scheme there are no really hard or fast rules about garland. You may consider wrapping it only around the front of the tree if your strands are shorter.

Step 3: Hang Ornaments

The last step is to hang ornaments. There are two kinds of ornaments I like to use. The first are personal and historic. 

These are the one’s hand made by the kids, inherited from your grandparents and are unique. Keep only the one’s that are truly precious and don’t overload it with everything that’s ever been made. We still want it to look pretty, not hodgepodge. But by sprinkling in a little bit of your family personality and history your tree wont be too sterile or impersonal either. 

The second type of ornaments are the filler pieces that make your tree look cohesive and like it was intentionally designed. My rule of thumb is to always try and fit more on than you think you can without overlapping or cramming ornaments onto the same branch. Have a good mixture of small and medium balls. Have a couple of smaller sets of unique ornaments, 4 to 16 piece sets and hang them all evenly spaced according to the amount of pieces in the set. Choose three different colors for these sets. 

After everything is all hung, make some cocoa and some popcorn and start the Christmas movie extravaganza!

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