Is it Safe to Paint in the Winter Time?

The tough thing about the winter is that you start to feel a little couped up because it's cold outside. You've exhausted your tv options, the games you got your kids for Christmas are already old hat and we can't forget about the general mess that just happens. All of that salt and wetness and dirt being brought in from a million pairs of boots; and then there's the dog. How could we even forget about the dog mess? 


To make it worse, the walls are starting to close in on you, there are scuffs and marks afoot, the colors you painted 5 years ago are starting to taunt you with their relentless reminders that you should have gone a shade lighter and maybe you should have gone with the more "washable" brand. But you can't fix it now!--Because you'd be trapped with the paint smell and the fumes will give you an even worse headache! You can't open windows because it's too cold and all the precious heat will go out the window!


Not True! With the right paint product you can paint indoors in the winter!  Newer Low and No-VOC paints are specially formulated to reduce headache inducing fumes and to virtually eliminate odors. Just last week we painted a bedroom of an expectant mother and dad. They were so worried about about the paint fumes that they were ready to book a hotel. I recommended Aura, a low-VOC paint and said at maximum they may consider staying in a guest bedroom. By the end of the day as we packed up, they could hardly smell anything and were back in their bed that night! My wife and I had the same experience on our bedroom.

You may actually find that painting this time of year is the most convenient time to paint because typically there is less going on for you and there are better deals. Come spring break, you'll be on vacation or preparing for the summer schedule which, I hope, is full of going to the lake, camping and all the other projects you've been meaning to get to.  Not to mention you'll beat the curve, because finding a good painter who isn't booked up all summer long can be next to impossible.