The Year of the Goat: Color Purple


I have a vested interest in the year of the goat. With our first baby being born this June I'm looking for anything that can clue me in to what this little girl will be like. Maybe it's a little superstitious but I'm working from scratch here.  

I was born in the year of the ox where we value leadership and loyalty. I remember being in the 8th grade thinking, we're all oxen here, we can't all be loyal leaders. There is tons of back stabbing in middle school; and it's almost entirely followers following other followers, a dog chasing its tail! 

But we must know who we are and of the various personality tests and zodiacs I've always had fun with the Chinese Zodiac ever since I was a kid.  

The year of the goat or sometimes characterized as the lamb is one of peace and evenness. The goat personality is calm and gentle. They are internally strong yet shy and amicable. They also enjoy time in their own thoughts. They like being in groups but don't want to be the center of attention. 

This sounds like, to me, the perfect cuddley home body (at least I'm hoping for it). Wouldn't it be great to have a home described like the goat? Peaceful and calm, communal and strong? 

The goat's color is purple. Great Benjamin Moore paint colors that go with the goat's good luck color are:

Lilac Hush, great for a Nursery!

Carter Plum, awesome for a dramatic bathroom or accent color.

And Lost Locket, would work well in a dining room or bedroom.  


We've had experience with all three of these colors and they look great in person! 

Here's to hoping for the peaceful Year of the Goat!