Five Easy Tips to Make Sure Your Lawn Gets a Great Start for the Spring!



If you’re like most people, you can’t wait for spring to get into full-swing! While the inside of your home is cozy and inviting, you’re probably ready to spend some time outdoors. 

Because you’ll be spending a lot of time outside your home relaxing, entertaining, and having fun, we want you to make sure your lawn has the best chance to be full, green, and healthy. Here are five quick tips to help make your lawn inviting and gorgeous!

#1 Rake Your Lawn – I know, you’ve probably already taken care of the leaves in the fall. However, a thorough, deep raking can help remove any thatch that may block grass growth this spring. Grass blades that have died during the winter can prevent new ones from “springing up.” Pardon the pun…

#2 Check for Compaction – There may be areas of your lawn that are consistently walked upon or that have become hard over the years. These areas should be deeply raked with a garden rake (not a leaf rake) and also aerated. You can rent an aerator from most home improvement or garden centers.

#3 Liming – Grass likes a neutral acid level, but acids can built up in the soil of your lawn over the years. Lime is not a “quick fix,” but part of an overall, yearly maintenance regiment. A sure sign of acidic soil in your lawn is the presence of moss. If unsure, have your soil tested for PH levels by the local extension office.

#4 Overseeding – While overseeding is best done during the fall so drought and frost do not kill emergent grass, it can be a good solution for bare patches if you properly water and fertilize the newly scattered seeds throughout the year to keep them growing.

#5 Fertilizing – The safest bet for fertilizing your lawn is to use organic compost and mulching mowers. Chemical fertilizers can be dangerous for pets and although you might not have a family dog, your neighbor out walking theirs loves their pup very much. Here’s to a healthy lawn this spring!