We're Celebrating Five Years as Color Theory!!!

May 10th, 2010 I went down to the Secretary of State and the Federal Office to apply for my articles of organization and to register the name Color Theory as a business entity for painting contracting in the state of Indiana. I was 24 years old and working on my BFA at Indiana University. For a couple years I had been taking small jobs between classes and semesters just doing business under my own name. But I remember really wanting to find the perfect business name. One that conveyed my passion for color and our unique offering of expert color consultation. Over the years I've tried to emphasize three main things that separate us from the competition: Great Color, Great Service and Great Systems.

Great Color


One of the first classes I took in art school was called 2-D fundamentals: Foundations in Color Theory. Our early assignments were to cut small squares of colored paper and glue them next to different color combinations. The goal was to manipulate the colors and force their perception to change based on the different combinations. It was like we were bending the colors to look totally different. We'd make two different colors look like the same color or we'd make the same color look like two different colors. It was like alchemy! Most people dread this class but I loved it. Color became a very important part of my art work. 

After a couple years of painting, color consultation started to become a big part of our business. I quickly became a very trusted person with regards to picking colors in people's homes. I really love the process. Sometimes it's quite challenging because color is so personal.  Everyone has different style and taste.  I found out that my job isn't to tell people what colors are in or trending, but rather my job is to use color to describe the expression each person already has in their mind; and when both spouses are involved I almost have to wear the hat of a marriage counselor. Not really, but you've been there!

It's so fun to work at Color Theory because we're always trying new things with color. We aren't trying to be over the top or anything but we like to create a nice rhythm throughout the home with color.  It's cool to see my practice of color theory in college come to real life in my profession.  We've done colors where I'll tell the guys, "Hey, remember that green color we did in so-and-so's Master Bedroom? Well, this blue we're painting in the kitchen is the same color!" It's so fun!

Great Service

I love great customer service. I really really do. We talk about it all the time. Whenever we strategize how to do anything in a person's home we always come at it from the perspective of "how can this be part of the customer experience?" There are plenty of ways to make the job go faster but often, a convenient and pain-free experience is sacrificed for speed. Also, when all you focus on is speed corners get cut and quality goes down. We like to keep our crew sizes small but efficient.  That way your home doesn't turn into a full-on construction site and the work gets done smoothly and conveniently.

We also figured out a way to work room by room, completing a room at a time so that you're only without a single space during the day and can get back to it that night. Other companies might be tempted to turn the house upside down all at once leaving your home a wreck until they're all done. Our philosophy is that painting should be both convenient and exciting; not just fast and over with.

The biggest key to great customer service is communication. We try not to hire mindless zombie painters that just kind of bump up against the wall with paint on their body until the whole wall is covered.  We encourage our team to be open and involved. We believe in daily contact while your project is being completed.

Great Systems

Our unique structure and advanced training systems keep the machine running smoothly. Every Color Theory team member receives the same training so that we're unified in our approach to painting your home. That's key. I'm often asked by fellow painting companies how do I find good painters. My answer is that I find good people. Our painters come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels but they are all trained in the Color Theory Way.  With a healthy mix of seasoned professionals and new talent our finished product is consistent and well done.

Our systems are the foundation for our future as a company. We have a goal.  We want to help people love their homes more. We want to achieve this goal all over the country! We can do it with your help. 

The future is full of color!


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