3 Sure Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Most new home buyers look for houses that are move-in ready. A few reasons might explain why house hunters aren't always looking for a fixer-upper and probably avoiding them. First, buying a home is a huge investment already. Having to come up with a downpayment alone typically doesn't leave much room for renovation. New home buyers aren't necessarily ready or experienced enough to take on a project and experienced home buyers are probably completing project after project just to get their home ready to sell.

When a potential buyers comes into your home they are looking for a place they can instantly imagine being a part of their future. You can help their imagination out by making your home extra appealing and it doesn't take much. Here are a few cosmetic things to consider doing to your home when you are getting ready to sell.

Organize and clean

Depending on how lived-in your home is this might be a DIY project or you might have to call the professionals. First come up with a plan of action and go room by room deep cleaning and organizing. Wash the things you usually forget like window-sills, the tops of door frames and baseboards. Also, have the carpets cleaned. Clutter is one of the biggest deterrents to selling your home quickly. Your home doesn't have to be empty before you put it on the market and it probably shouldn't be but if it's too full of stuff your buyers will have a hard time getting past what won't even be there when they move in.

If the clutter is all too much, it may be a good idea to hire a Professional Organizer. With the help of a third-party home organizing specialist you'll be able to be guided objectively through finding new homes for things that haven't been used in years. It'll also help you when you're getting ready to pack because you'll discard things that you don't need that would otherwise make the move unnecessarily difficult. Even if you have a hard time getting rid of everything you should to make your home seem more open and clutter free, you may consider boxing these items up and putting them in a storage facility until you are ready to move.

Painting and Removing Wallpaper

A large portion of our clients come from people who are getting ready to sell. When the question comes to whether removing the wallpaper is worth it or not the answer is a resounding YES! For the love of Pete's sake remove the wallpaper. Don't paint over it, don't leave it. The 90's might be back for the youth but they are not for home buyers. Get rid of that dated wallpaper and save yourself the trouble. If you're thinking to yourself that you're afraid of what's underneath or what the cost might be to remove wallpaper like yours, the potential home buyer is thinking the same thing and passing on your house. All it takes is a little planning before hand and giving the painters enough notice before you're ready to paint or remove wallpaper and you'll be in good shape.

The cost of painting is much lower than most home remodeling services and the return on investment is the highest compared to other home improvements. With a return on investment of 95% for exterior painting and a 72% return on interior painting, it's a no brainer. If I asked you to reach down in your pocket and give me $15 dollars and then I gave you $25 in return, you'd probably try to do that deal all day. It'd also be smart to work with a Professional Color Consultant to find the color that will sell your home the best. In our modern day, paint color trends change just about every year and working with a color consultant can help guide you into a neutral decision that will appeal to a broad audience. The reason neutral colors are so appealing is because they allow home owners to move in with their current furnishings and decor without worrying about weather it'll work and then over time they can paint select rooms and easily coordinate them with the existing color. Also the fresh clean look triggers the thought that the rest of the home (especially the things you can't see) are up-to-date and in proper working order.


Finally, to really put your home over the edge consider professional staging. Staging is about the "show" although it doesn't have to be a huge production. Sometimes staging does include temporarily renting furniture for the purpose of showing however, often it just means rearranging the furniture to be more inviting, removing pieces that don't add to the room or adding updated window treatments. Simple things like setting the dinner table, adding fresh flowers or diffusing essential oils also add to the "show" without adding too much to the budget.

Color Theory Can Help!

Color Theory painting and decorating services are a great way to make these ideas come to fruition. Along with the help of our sister company Maids Inc. we'll help guide you in preparing for the sell of your home.