Making the most of the final stretch of summer.

August marks the final stretch of summer. The kids are back to school and the college kids are on their way. In three short weeks, the town will go back to the students. It's always a nice ride. Because the K-12 goes back to school so soon these days it seems like there isn't much summer to do anything with. 

Here are a few things on my Indian Summer list that I plan to do before the fall. Some things are work, some are play.

Clean Out/Rethink the Garage

I didn't get to it yet. I had it on my spring cleaning list and well, it didn't happen. But it has to happen at least by the fall so that we can park in there during winter. Once I do that I think I'll feel better about doing fun stuff.

I might even put some fold out chairs to have a little make shift porch area like a true hoosier. Although, I've seen some pretty cool ideas for ways to make your garage livable. I think it'd be really nice to be able to hang in the shade but have a big open door to the outside. I bet with some good quality floor paint and a little repurposing there's some potential here.

Grill Out AMAP!

AMAP (as much as possible). Our grill from last year bit the dust and so we didn't get a replacement until mid-July. I was missing it too. Since then we've been grilling out quite a bit and it's been awesome. It might be the best part of summer. Also, if you keep your grill in your newly repurposed garage you can have some really awesome grill times!

Get to a Lake

Seriously, find a lake, any lake. My wife and I just got back two weeks ago from Lake Ontario. It was so beautiful. I didn't even get in. It was just nice to be able to look out into the horizon and not see anything. We're both from lake states so we miss it sometimes. 

At this point you may be looking at a weekend or day trip up to the Indiana Dunes or just out to Lake Monroe but getting out there is just really relaxing.



Walk a Trail

Bloomington especially has a lot of trails to walk on and we're just about over the heat hump here in the next couple of weeks. It'll be really great to walk down the Rail Trail or Clear Creek Trail as the sun starts to tame.

Open Windows

Yeah, don't forget that you have windows that open. They don't always blow in hot air like a furnace. The middle of the hot hot summer is AC all day. But don't forget that when it starts to cool down you can get some really nice fresh air and lower you energy bill.

Finish Exterior Projects

One of the reasons we get so busy this time of year is because everyone wants to finish their exterior projects. I've been hearing more and more that people can't find painters because they are all booked up. Everyone is trying to get their projects done and you might want to as well. But plan ahead and plan to wait a little while if you're having work professionally done. And don't forget to give us a call!

The last month of summer always goes by so fast for me. We always stay super busy this time of year and that's what makes the time go by so quickly. But I always try to make time to sit on the hammock with my Judy or go on a walk around the neighborhood with Joby. I'm never too sad that summer is fleeting though because I love the Fall so much in Indiana.


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