New Year, New Hue(s)

A lot happened in 2016, including a widespread obsession with gray. Versatile, sophisticated, unexpected – Gray did it all. And it continues its evolution heading into 2017.

Introducing our 2017 Color Combo of the Year...Dark Pewter and Cloud White

dark pewter + cloud white.jpg

The combination of Dark Pewter's jade-influenced gray and Cloud White's soothing, but bright, cream occupies the space between dramatic and tranquil. Together, they draw from the best of higher-contrast pairings and unfussy mid-tones — a choice that doesn't involve a trade-off. If you've ever wished you could pick A and B at the eye doctor, Dark Pewter with Cloud White may just satisfy that desire.

dark pewter + cloud white 2.jpg

From Dining Areas...

...To Nurseries...

...Dark Pewter + Cloud White is the perfect match.

Try Cloud White on your Cabinets...


And for a variation on this pairing... 

...darker darks and crisper whites result in an unpredicted airiness. We particularly love Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray, pictured on the right. Matched with their Simply White (or any comparably bright white) on ceilings, cabinetry, and trim, Gentleman’s Gray feels on-trend but also attuned to more stately eras of the past.


Articulate and modern...

...Dark Pewter is one of Benjamin Moore's most surprisingly complex offerings. Whether in a whole room, or used as an accent color, Dark Pewter consistently provides the drama of black or deep navy, while maintaining the adaptability that makes more traditional grays so appealing. When paired with Cloud White, it truly settles into itself, giving interiors a sort of introspective sensibility that opens up with the unique warmth of Cloud White. As we move forward into the new year, be on the lookout for this bold next step in gray: high contrast, high impact color pairings. It's a match that is artful indeed.

Edward hopper's iconic  nighthawks  at the art institute of chicago    Image via flickr user steven zucker

Edward hopper's iconic nighthawks at the art institute of chicago

Image via flickr user steven zucker