Painting White

Paint like a painting.

Since exploring our Color Combo of the Year, we wanted to find some different ways to feature colors we feel passionate about. We especially want to place what we do and what we love at Color Theory in contexts that might not always get discussed in the interior design blogging world.

One of Torlando's strongest beliefs is that paint is not just a color that lays on the wall; it is an integral part of your home and informs the nature of the space you live in. When you paint a wall, you are painting the scene that is your home.



Image via Hyperallergic. All colors Benjamin Moore.  

This week we are sharing a piece by contemporary perceptual painter, Lois Dodd. Soft-spoken, yet emotive, her pared-down visions of the everyday American landscape use color sensitivity to invite meditation. Check out an interview with her here. Her 2014 painting, Porch Roof Snow Pile, feels particularly appropriate given the snow on the ground today and the appearance of one of our colors for 2017: Cloud White. In matte finishes, the hues of this snowy day palette will give your living space a feeling of thoughtful serenity.

Check back next week for another painting and another palette. If you've got a color or painting you'd like us to work with, let us know!