7 Necessary (but not evil) Exterior Spring Cleaning Projects - Checklist Included

Thank GOODNESS Spring is Here!

Something truly magical happens the day Spring arrives. Bloomington feels different. It's like breathing is fuller and my eyebrows feel lighter. It's finally time to get outside and become a real person again. Unfortunately, the winter has turned your house into the setting of the Walking Dead. It's time to get to work.

Here are 7 Necessary (but not evil) Outdoor Spring Cleaning Projects to restore balance to the Force:

  • Rejuvenate Lawn - Rake out and vac leftover leaves and thatch using a metal rake and leaf vac. Pick up sticks.

  • Weed Flower Beds - Pull weeds, trim dead stems, clear out old leaves and sticks, add new mulch.

  • Build raised garden beds - Pick up fence pickets, balusters and soil. Build them in the backyard in a good pot, make wife happy, finally.

  • Trim bushes and tree branches - Use hedge trimmer for bushes, pull down vines growing up on house and on fence, call tree service for high branches.

  • Power wash exterior - Power wash mildew on siding, blow out leaves from the gutters, check paint or stain on wood surfaces, scrape loose stuff and touch up.

  • Sweep garage floor - Self explanatory but while you're at it peak at some boxes in storage and toss out a bunch of stuff.

  • Break out the hammock - Seriously, the best part of spring. Get the grill going, I'm so glad it's here.