Why you'll never choose colors without a consultant ever again!

I was talking to a fellow contractor friend of mine not too long ago and they told me, "man, our clients could have really used your services". He told me how the customer bought $800 worth of a single paint color and his team got the entire first coat of the project complete (around $2,000 in labor) when the client came in and burst into tears because she hated the color.

There is your reason. Need I say more?

The financial risk inherent in choosing the wrong color hinges on taking a 2 inch color swatch and mentally blowing it up to the size of the entire room. For most people this is a really difficult task but for Color Consultants projecting colors and imagining them in an open environment is par for the course. 

Color Theory Consultants

Color Theory Consultants are specially trained consultants with advanced training in color interaction from university art programs including Indiana University.

We pour over color and keep current with the trends so that you can be sure about your color choices.


How does working with a Color Theory Consultant work?