Accent Walls Out, Statement Walls In

What's really the difference between an accent wall and a statement wall? I mean, really, is there a difference?

Yes. There is a difference.


Statement Walls bring personality, while accent walls break up space and highlight architecture. That's the gist and we think statement walls in 2017 and 2018 are just what the doctor ordered to breathe life back into adding big pops of color.  

Consider the living room above where this statement wall features a large off-center circle that overcomes half of the floating shelving. This isn't your stock square on a wall. 


Partial walls with a strong color on one side of the room and a neutralizing color on the other give the room a personal touch without envolping the entire room. Extending the statement wall and feathering the edge give it a uniqueness and personality that just isn't the same with accents. 


Kill two birds with one stone with a painted backsplash. Use a satin finish for washability and let your personality shine.  


I love this painted yellow archway surrounding the dining table. When open concept flats or living spaces have walls that connect from the living room into the kitchen it's hard to know where to change color or at what point to break it up. Making this wall your statement wall gives you the ability to be very creative by designing a statement that interacts with the other elements of the room.  


Last, framing wallpaper is getting a lot of nice press as an option for making a statement. It's certainly less commitment than wallpapering an entire accent wall and with the myriad of options and patterns you'll never run out of ideas and quick changes to keep your room ever unique and current. That's what making a statement is about. It's about you.