From around the internet: “Feng Shui For Your Bedroom: What To Do & What Not To Do”

Image via  L’essenzial

Image via L’essenzial

I see a lot of clients who struggle to figure out how to arrange their bedroom. Where does the bed go? What do I do with this extra space over here? Where should the accent or statement wall be? I recently came across an article that uses Feng Shui principles to get the most out of your room. 

Here’s an excerpt: 

“I always tell my clients to opt for wall colors that are skin tones to promote maximal rest. Off-white, creams, chocolate browns, and peach tones are great. These colors are thought to promote maximum sensuality and peaceful vibes. One word of caution: Don't overdo it on the peach! It is thought to be very effective at attracting a partner—so effective that we need to use it with care. If you paint your whole bedroom in peach, chances are that you will attract someone, and then someone else, and someone else... If you're married, you might attract unwanted attention. Consider instead using peach as an accent tone on pillows, throws, and small objects. While accent walls and wallpapers can be tempting, they should be kept to a minimum and also have gentle colors and limited patterns.

Crisp white walls should also be avoided because at night they can become too activating. Stark white is a color of the metal element, which is mentally stimulating and not conducive to rest.” (Marianne Gordon,, “Feng Shui For Your Bedroom: What To Do & What Not To Do, Feb. 10, 2018)

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