The New Home Must List

If you’re just moving to Bloomington and trying to get your new house in order, you’re probably feeling the overwhelm pretty hard. Packing up your old stuff was probably hard enough and chances are everyone in your home got to the point where they’re just shoveling stuff in boxes to get it done. Now in your new home, you’re dealing with the consequences.  

Here are three things you can put on your “must list” to get a handle on moving in. 


Keep What You Love ❤️  

If you’re familiar at all with the Kon Mari method you know what I’m talking about. As you unpack your boxes, pull out each item one at a time and ask yourself this simple question? Do I love this? If you do, keep it. If you don’t put it in one of three emptied boxes labeled sell, goodwill, and curb.


Organize Your Storage 🗄 

One trap we run into when we’re moving in is just shoving things in closets and saying we’ll figure it out later. But that ends up being months later.  Once you’ve paired down to only the things you love take a trip to Target or if you’re really feeling ambitious, the Container Store, and build an organizational system that is attractive and functional.

Focus on making the things you use often being made accessible and the things you only use ever so often out of the way. Involve the whole family in this process so everyone is on the same page as far as where everything belongs. By giving them the choice as to where things will go, you’ll get more buy in for sustaining long term organization. 

Pick One Room To Redecorate 


Moving can be pretty expensive and a lot of the time, we have to take our old furniture and decor and make it fit with the new house. But picking one room to fully redecorate can really put your mark on the home and draw a line in this new chapter of your life. For the other rooms, usually a fresh coat of paint can help bridge the gap between your old furniture and your new home.  

What plans do you have for your new home? Comment below!