2016 Paint Color Rundown

Color Theory 2016 Color Combo of the Year

Barely There CSP-725 & Antique Glass CSP-695

The Color Theory Color Combo of the Year is Barely There and Antique Glass, both colors out of the Benjamin Moore Color Stories Collection. We love these colors and love the way they look in a real space. Barely There in action is a faint grey, that's really closer to white. It's calming and cool, with a slight hint of blue-green which makes it an excellent pairing with Antique Glass. It's perfect as a neutral but light enough to work as trim. Antique Glass is a calming hip teal. Very current and in, and so fun in a modern home.

You can use this combination in a variety of ways. For an off-beat, against the common grain look, paint the walls Barely There and the Trim and Doors Antique Glass like the photo above. It's bright and vibrant, full of life and current. Not so sure about unconventional trim? Put Antique Glass on your kitchen cabinets and they'll jump right off of the wall. Truly awesome.

Flip the scheme painting the trim in your home Barely There and paint your kitchen, dining room or a bathroom in Antique Glass. If you have concrete flooring Antique Glass is a great option. It makes your floor look like an oceanic floor that you just want to dive into.

Keep reading for more color collections from some of your favorite paints.

Benjamin Moore 2016 Color of The Year

Simply White OC-117

The Benjamin Moore Color and Design Team traveled the globe and after months of research has created Color Trends 2016 . We are thrilled to announce our Color of the Year 2016: Simply White OC-117. #ColorTrends2016 The color white is transcendent, timeless, and its versatility is unmatched.

Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color of the Year

Alabaster SW-7008

Understated and alluring, our 2016 Color of the Year Alabaster (SW 7008) is absolutely adaptable: elevating simplicity, embracing comfort, bridging transitional and modernizing traditional. Pair it with other neutrals. Balance it with natural materials. Create a soothing oasis of calm simplicity.

BEHR 2016 Color Trends - The Structure of Color

Because generations today are so plugged in to technology, people across the world are becoming sensory-deprived. There's a void, a need to be engaged with the sense of sight, sound and touch in home environments.

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Colors of the Month - A Sophisticated Winter Palette

Winter time colors should evoke a sense of dignity and warmth. They must combat the dreariness of everyday winter and yet make it look like a dance.  

Source: Benjaminmoore.com Color Stories Collection

Source: Benjaminmoore.com Color Stories Collection

With the trees now bare this light forest-sage green brings the foliage back into your home. It echoes the pine of the Christmas tree and would be great in a kitchen, family room or bathroom. 

Summer's Day CSP-780

Summer's Day CSP-780

Golden hues are the epitome of elegance. Golden garland and warm lights feed into this color. Use this as the backdrop to your fireplace and hearth or in the entire living room. A home office would also take to this color well with mahogany built-ins. 

Gilded Ballroom CSP-980 Benjamin Moore

Gilded Ballroom CSP-980 Benjamin Moore

Here is your neutral color used in transition spaces. Large open rooms and hallways, rooms that are connected to other rooms need a palette cleanser. As we move into 2016 you'll see the return of the off-white as neutral. 

Ice Milk CSP-1025

Ice Milk CSP-1025

Lastly, our statement piece. The only color that says, "yes, I am brooding winter, what about it?" It's dramatic and wonderful. Paint this color in a formal dining room and use your holiday decorations of warm white lights, silver and gold and spruce to make it charming and cozy. An off-white table setting will bring back your neutral into the room taking off the edge.

Windy City CSP-150 Benjamin Moore

Windy City CSP-150 Benjamin Moore

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Featured Color - Chopped Dill 496 Benjamin Moore

The great thing about the Color Theory process is that it's built around the lives of our customers. We specialize in residential interior repaints and are accustomed to painting for folks in various stages of living in their home. From new move ins, to getting ready to sell; or even if it's the house your kids grew up in and it hasn't been painted since the 80's. We have the solution to providing a comfortable and easy painting service.

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