A Gorgeous Nursery on a Budget

In mid-June, we welcomed home our beautiful baby girl, Judy.  After seeing some pretty slick nurseries, like this one that Color Theory painted for the Quirk family of What I Wore fame and this one belong to my friend Amy (AKA June & January), I knew that in prime keeping-up-with-the-Joneses (Jk, y'all) fashion, ours had be to pretty awesome too.  So, here it is:

Let's start with this crib.  I LOVE baby Juju's crib.  I wish I could show you a photo of what it looked like before, but it was so ugly, I didn't bother taking a photo of it.  (Oh wait, here's a new one, in case you want an idea of what it was like.) I found it on a local online yard sale site for about $100.  That's $100 cheaper than the retail cost!  It was really scratched up, and picking it up involved going to a house that was part motel and had too many dogs, but we did it.  Torlando stripped the original finish, taped it off and added the stripes and color.  He's a true champion of awesomeness. The crib color is Copper Patina 619 and the stripes are Green Essence 853. We used Advance by Benjamin Moore which is a waterborne alkyd, which is a fancy way of saying its extra durable and safe for baby. The wall color is called Lilac Hush CSP-490. It's kind of a grayish lavender color that changes over the coarse of the day. It's really pretty.

We love this sheepie! It makes stars on the ceiling.

Woodland animal prints: $19.99

Alphabet Banner: $14.99

I love air plants, and geometric shapes, so I made this little mobile out of fishing line strung through brass tubing from the hardware store.  I used a glue gun to attach the air plants.  They're great because they only need sun and a water from a spray-bottle to stay alive!  Unfortunately, I think this cost about $40.  Not exactly cheap, since the plants were about $3-$6 each, and there are about 4 here, but it could definitely be done more cost-effectively.

Dresser: Goodwill. Chair: Target

This dresser.  Oh man the dresser.  It was a mess.  A great little mid-century modern dresser with brass handles and chipped veneer.  The only way to make it awesome was to paint it, and paint it we did.  The chair?  I wish we could afford that...but it was a shower gift.  Still, I love it.  It's so hard to find a nice, modern glider or rocking chair.

Torlando picked the dinosaur bank out at Goodwill. He thinks Judy looks like a baby dinosaur. I think he's right.

All in all, it's the perfect nursery for baby Juju, who totally looks like a baby dinosaur.