5 Takeaways From Our Last Painting Experience

5 Takeaways From Our Last Painting Experience

When the homeowners called Color Theory, they initially wanted a quote for painting, but also learned about our color consulting service and were interested in what help that might bring. They had already started working with an interior designer but were still a little back and forth on the new colors. We brought our colors with us and developed a scheme that would work beautifully with the lighting of there home.

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How to Start a Painting Project with a Professional Painter

How to Start a Painting Project with a Professional Painter

Deciding on whether to paint your house on your own as a weekend DIY project or whether to hire out painting is a big question. When I meet with homeowners they are often weighing out whether it's worth it to pay the premium cost to have it done or if they will be pleased with their own craftsmanship.

Between you and me, if it were my home, I would probably do it myself. But that's not fair because I'm a professional. There are three things to consider when choosing between having your home professionally painted or...um...not so professionally painted. 

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Facing Your Painting Fears

Facing Your Painting Fears

Taking the painting plunge can be daunting, but we have ways to make the process painless. Take note of colors and patterns that are already in the room, and pick paint colors that go well with the decor. If the room is unfurnished, or you are changing the furnishings, pick out the new items before choosing your paint colors. Remember that it is much easier to pick a paint color that fits with the decor, rather than decorating to fit the paint. 

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Hiring House Painters? Here's what you need to know.


Planning Your Paint Project

Having your house or just a couple rooms painted is the perfect way to imprint your personality on your home. I recently spoke with a customer while we were painting her house and she told me that for the first time she came home and it felt like HER house! Living with the colors of the previous homeowner or just the contractor white of a new home has a way of making you feel like you don't fit in at your own home. The following 7 steps are how we at Color Theory plan for your painting project.


If you are painting the interior of your home decide which rooms you want painted and whether to include the ceilings and trim.  

If you are painting the exterior of the home, plan ahead because weather and season is a major factor on getting your house painted.


Easily schedule an appointment through the Color Theory website to receive a custom estimate or find a package that will work for you in our storefront.

The estimate will take about an hour where you will receive a quote on the spot after the measurements are taken.  Be sure to set a time where all decision makers in the home are present.


After you accept the estimated proposal we require a 25% downpayment to put you on our schedule.  Jobs are scheduled on a first come first serve basis and with our schedule filling up fast you'll want to plan early enough to get your project started when you're hoping to.

At this time we will also go over the color options.  You may choose to purchase a Color Consultation in order to aide in finding the color scheme that works best in your home.


During busy seasons we can be scheduled out up to 3 months in advance or more.  However, the waiting list is usually around 5-6 weeks.  Start dates are approximate due to unpredictable conditions like weather.


Once we begin work, our goal is to make the process as pain free as possible.  We ask that pictures be removed from the walls and that small items are removed from the room being painted.  Large items should be pushed to the center of the room.  Beyond that, we aim at making this experience as convenient as possible.  A crew of 2-4 team members will be assigned to the project.


We work a couple of rooms or sections at a time so that you can get your house back in order as we complete the project.  When we are finished, each room is inspected by a supervising member, a walk through is completed with the home owner and then final payment is collected.


Now that you've become a satisfied customer it would really help us if you offered a review online or referred a friend to take advantage of our referral program!


Hiring Color Theory professional painters is pain-free and exciting as you witness the transformation of your home through color. Schedule today!