Some of What We Painted This Summer!

We're having a great time in our company and meeting all of our new Bloomington friends. That might be what I enjoy most about Color Theory. The more folks we get to service the more often I get to see new friends out in the public at school musicals, at the park or restaurants. Just the other night my wife and I were out on our weekly "Date Night" and we saw a Brian and Lindsey Paulsen. We were both expecting our first child at the time of painting and now they are here. So our two little babies got to meet each other and share dimples. I love our company and the friends we meet!

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A Gorgeous Nursery on a Budget

In mid-June, we welcomed home our beautiful baby girl, Judy.  After seeing some pretty slick nurseries, like this one that Color Theory painted for the Quirk family of What I Wore fame and this one belong to my friend Amy (AKA June & January), I knew that in prime keeping-up-with-the-Joneses (Jk, y'all) fashion, ours had be to pretty awesome too.  So, here it is:

Let's start with this crib.  I LOVE baby Juju's crib.  I wish I could show you a photo of what it looked like before, but it was so ugly, I didn't bother taking a photo of it.  (Oh wait, here's a new one, in case you want an idea of what it was like.) I found it on a local online yard sale site for about $100.  That's $100 cheaper than the retail cost!  It was really scratched up, and picking it up involved going to a house that was part motel and had too many dogs, but we did it.  Torlando stripped the original finish, taped it off and added the stripes and color.  He's a true champion of awesomeness. The crib color is Copper Patina 619 and the stripes are Green Essence 853. We used Advance by Benjamin Moore which is a waterborne alkyd, which is a fancy way of saying its extra durable and safe for baby. The wall color is called Lilac Hush CSP-490. It's kind of a grayish lavender color that changes over the coarse of the day. It's really pretty.

We love this sheepie! It makes stars on the ceiling.

Woodland animal prints: $19.99

Alphabet Banner: $14.99

I love air plants, and geometric shapes, so I made this little mobile out of fishing line strung through brass tubing from the hardware store.  I used a glue gun to attach the air plants.  They're great because they only need sun and a water from a spray-bottle to stay alive!  Unfortunately, I think this cost about $40.  Not exactly cheap, since the plants were about $3-$6 each, and there are about 4 here, but it could definitely be done more cost-effectively.

Dresser: Goodwill. Chair: Target

This dresser.  Oh man the dresser.  It was a mess.  A great little mid-century modern dresser with brass handles and chipped veneer.  The only way to make it awesome was to paint it, and paint it we did.  The chair?  I wish we could afford that...but it was a shower gift.  Still, I love it.  It's so hard to find a nice, modern glider or rocking chair.

Torlando picked the dinosaur bank out at Goodwill. He thinks Judy looks like a baby dinosaur. I think he's right.

All in all, it's the perfect nursery for baby Juju, who totally looks like a baby dinosaur.

Successfully painting white.

Successfully painting white.

White is the supernal neutral. It is clean, elegant, and versatile. By itself, it gives no impression. It doesn’t detract from the colors it accentuates and yet there are SO many options.  When selecting the proper white for your home the most important consideration is lighting. Lighting changes not only from room to room but from wall to wall. And as such, what is the best option for one room may not be the best for another room. That's why it's imperative to take your color sample into other rooms to make sure it has the same qualities you loved in the previous room. Or you may need to adjust the color a little to suit the lighting effects of each room.

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Nursery Colors with Baby Quirk

We've painted quite a few nurseries and kids rooms lately and one of the biggest concerns I hear from expectant moms is that they don't want to impose pink on their girls or blue on their boys.

This is part of a growing trend in color decisions where there is a concern about putting pressure on kids from an early age to be or act a certain way.  The challenge is, how do we incorporate a child's taste without it overwhelming the room with that one color?  The latest answer is to use a light neutral gray and fill the rest of the room with as many colors as possible. 

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