Valentine's Day Inspired Pinks - Best Shades of Pink to Paint a Room

Happy Valentine's Day - Let's paint something pink!

Today is a great day for remembering the people we love. In America, 25% of the cards sent each year are Valentine's Day cards. People love emotive cards, decked out in pinks and reds. 

Why is pink and red the color of Valentine's Day? Well, in general reds are associated with passion and pinks associated with flush skin. So, when you feel the warm rush and pitter patter of love, that all too familiar rosy blush surfaces and you know that the feeling is mutual.

Pink Paint Colors great for any room, not just a little girl's bedroom

Wheatberry 2099-70 Benjamin Moore

Wheatberry 2099-70 Benjamin Moore

This light pink paint is called Wheatberry 2099-70 by Benjamin Moore. Kind of a dusty pink; this color is a great choice for girls bedroom ideas, but is muted enough to surprise guests as an appropriate color for an eclectic den space.

You may consider using this pink color in a high gloss on a sliding barn door. I took this idea from a friend of mine who just built their home. I think her husband took a leap of faith with her on it but it paid off big time. Click on the paint drop for more info.

Sea Salt CSP-95 Benjamin Moore

Sea Salt CSP-95 Benjamin Moore

Consider pairing Wheatberry with a light neutral gray like Sea Salt. These two colors would look great together in adjacent rooms. Use Sea Salt for your entry and Wheatberry in a connecting Dining Room for a feminine look that isn't too overwhelmingly pinky.

Gray neutral paint colors anchor more daring color schemes and allow you the flexibility to choose something a little more off-beat.

Spice Market CSP-925 Benjamin Moore

Spice Market CSP-925 Benjamin Moore

Now warm up the palette with Spice Market. This deep gold is strong but won't over shadow your understated pink and grey. Bedrooms, Kitchens and Bathrooms would look dynamic and vibrant when found at the end of our pale pink and light gray path.

Used as an accent color, not on walls, but in furniture. That's where I think this color might find its stride. Add to that the return of brushed brass lamps and table legs and you'll have a home decor look that is current.

Dark Pewter 2122-10 Benjamin Moore

Dark Pewter 2122-10 Benjamin Moore

Last, somewhere in your scheme find room for our boldest choice of all Dark Pewter. Color Theory's Color of the Year. What I love about Dark Pewter is that its just so dark. But it also has this really pretty shade of blue that comes out mid-day.

There is a depth to it that will make your room feel endless, while paradoxically making an oversized room feel smaller and cozier. Paired with any of the other colors in this scheme and you'll have a dramatic, sexy home.


Get help choosing a color scheme for your home by setting an appointment with our Color Theory Consultants.

Painting Dark Pewter

Earthy tones and warm visual details give Edouard Vuillard's Project for the Public Gardes: Le Square de la Trinite a characteristically intimate feel. Though the arrangement of the forms is flat, his eye for the pattern on a woman's slipper and the delicacy of new leaves on a tree establishes a different sort of depth. 

Our second half of this year's Color Combo, Dark Pewter, is interwoven through the greenery. When offset with sienna-tinged oranges and creamy light greens, it displays an unexpected softness.

All colors by Benjamin Moore. Image source: Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide.

Painting White

Paint like a painting.

Since exploring our Color Combo of the Year, we wanted to find some different ways to feature colors we feel passionate about. We especially want to place what we do and what we love at Color Theory in contexts that might not always get discussed in the interior design blogging world.

One of Torlando's strongest beliefs is that paint is not just a color that lays on the wall; it is an integral part of your home and informs the nature of the space you live in. When you paint a wall, you are painting the scene that is your home.



Image via Hyperallergic. All colors Benjamin Moore.  

This week we are sharing a piece by contemporary perceptual painter, Lois Dodd. Soft-spoken, yet emotive, her pared-down visions of the everyday American landscape use color sensitivity to invite meditation. Check out an interview with her here. Her 2014 painting, Porch Roof Snow Pile, feels particularly appropriate given the snow on the ground today and the appearance of one of our colors for 2017: Cloud White. In matte finishes, the hues of this snowy day palette will give your living space a feeling of thoughtful serenity.

Check back next week for another painting and another palette. If you've got a color or painting you'd like us to work with, let us know!

New Year, New Hue(s)

A lot happened in 2016, including a widespread obsession with gray. Versatile, sophisticated, unexpected – Gray did it all. And it continues its evolution heading into 2017.

Introducing our 2017 Color Combo of the Year...Dark Pewter and Cloud White

dark pewter + cloud white.jpg

The combination of Dark Pewter's jade-influenced gray and Cloud White's soothing, but bright, cream occupies the space between dramatic and tranquil. Together, they draw from the best of higher-contrast pairings and unfussy mid-tones — a choice that doesn't involve a trade-off. If you've ever wished you could pick A and B at the eye doctor, Dark Pewter with Cloud White may just satisfy that desire.

dark pewter + cloud white 2.jpg

From Dining Areas...

...To Nurseries...

...Dark Pewter + Cloud White is the perfect match.

Try Cloud White on your Cabinets...


And for a variation on this pairing... 

...darker darks and crisper whites result in an unpredicted airiness. We particularly love Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray, pictured on the right. Matched with their Simply White (or any comparably bright white) on ceilings, cabinetry, and trim, Gentleman’s Gray feels on-trend but also attuned to more stately eras of the past.


Articulate and modern...

...Dark Pewter is one of Benjamin Moore's most surprisingly complex offerings. Whether in a whole room, or used as an accent color, Dark Pewter consistently provides the drama of black or deep navy, while maintaining the adaptability that makes more traditional grays so appealing. When paired with Cloud White, it truly settles into itself, giving interiors a sort of introspective sensibility that opens up with the unique warmth of Cloud White. As we move forward into the new year, be on the lookout for this bold next step in gray: high contrast, high impact color pairings. It's a match that is artful indeed.

Edward hopper's iconic  nighthawks  at the art institute of chicago    Image via flickr user steven zucker

Edward hopper's iconic nighthawks at the art institute of chicago

Image via flickr user steven zucker

The Mid-Century Palette

One of the biggest trends in home decor at the moment is Mid-Century design. The child of modernism and the Bauhaus, Mid-Century design is recognizable in its clean, yet never-austere profiles, geometric and elegant construction, and intentional use of materials.

Today, the seminal work of Charles and Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi, and their contemporaries has been co-opted by the likes of West Elm and even Urban Outfitters. While certainly commercial, this proliferation is actually in keeping with a core belief of Mid-Century's founding fathers (and mothers): The conviction that design should be functional, beautiful and accessible in both cost and aesthetic.

Mid-  Century Icons: The Eames Lounge Chair (left) and Isamu Noguchi coffee table (right).   Images via Pinterest and Design Within Reach

Mid-Century Icons: The Eames Lounge Chair (left) and Isamu Noguchi coffee table (right). Images via Pinterest and Design Within Reach


Beyond furniture and decor, color plays an equally important role in creating a Mid-Century space. Though rich, mid-century colors are often somewhat tonal and offset by contrasts in value and hue. 

Deep jades and wood finishes are paired with airier cream tones.  Images via Pinterest.

Deep jades and wood finishes are paired with airier cream tones. Images via Pinterest.

Variants of complementary colors, such as warm rust and toned-down cerulean, are mid-century decor staples.  Images via Froy blog (top) and Curbed (bottom).

Variants of complementary colors, such as warm rust and toned-down cerulean, are mid-century decor staples. Images via Froy blog (top) and Curbed (bottom).


Another source of color inspiration can be found in the artwork of Bauhaus artists like Paul Klee, Annie Albers, and Laszlo Maholy-Nagy. These works all offer nuanced palettes that are right at home in a Mid-Century room. 

A  split-complement  color scheme, like the one used in this watercolor study by Paul Klee, allows for contrasting, dynamic hues that are also harmonious.  Images: HGTV, Pinterest .

A split-complement color scheme, like the one used in this watercolor study by Paul Klee, allows for contrasting, dynamic hues that are also harmonious. Images: HGTV, Pinterest.

Annie Albers' neutral tones feel fresh and lyrical in geometric forms.  Images: (L to R) brit+co, Alchetron, and digsdigs.

Annie Albers' neutral tones feel fresh and lyrical in geometric forms. Images: (L to R) brit+co, Alchetron, and digsdigs.

It's not hard to find cost-friendly version of the classic  Eames Dowel-Leg Side Chair  (or just DWS as it's known to friends). Rove Concepts styled their  iteration  by using a vivid goldenrod in clean, contained shapes set against a more expansive, warm backdrop.  Left: Rove Concepts; R: Laszlo Maholy-Nagy,  A II , 1924 .

It's not hard to find cost-friendly version of the classic Eames Dowel-Leg Side Chair (or just DWS as it's known to friends). Rove Concepts styled their iteration by using a vivid goldenrod in clean, contained shapes set against a more expansive, warm backdrop. Left: Rove Concepts; R: Laszlo Maholy-Nagy, A II, 1924.

Whatever your personal tastes may be, the studied yet unconventional mid-century use of color fits just about every home.  

Trim: Go Bold in Your Home

When we imagine rooms in our mind's eye, wall color is quite often one of the first things we think of. To that end, as we plan updates to our homes, a change in wall color is at the top of the to-do list. Trim, meanwhile, is not infrequently painted a white semi-gloss. Doors, too, are typically painted the same color as the trim. And that white semi-gloss is tried-and-true for a reason: It's neutral, easy to clean, and makes just about any color look pretty darn good. 

Glossy white trim gives this dining room a clean and bright look.  Image: HGTV

Glossy white trim gives this dining room a clean and bright look. Image: HGTV


But trim can also make quite an impact when it is done in unexpected colors. In fact, just a simple change in hue can shift the entire look of a space. The father of color relativity, Josef Albers, noted, "We are able to hear a single tone. But we almost never…see a single color unconnected and unrelated to other colors." This is what makes trim such a surprising—and likely untapped—element in a room. A thoughtful change in its color will noticeably affect the colors surrounding it—walls included.


This color plate from Albers' seminal Interaction of Color demonstrates how the surrounding color transforms our perception of the color in the center. Those small squares are actually the very same color. AND...


...That square could be a door...

Image: Design Sponge

Image: Design Sponge

A super-lemon yellow door lends zest to the pale hardwood and gives the otherwise unmemorable white walls a refreshing, icy sheen.


...Or Entryway



Warm, dusty teal quietly encloses the height of this space, making this entryway that much more inviting. By using teal on the doorframe, it becomes adjacent to the orange wall just behind—an unexpected and humorous touch. Deep wood-stained accents give the unusual trim work a traditional underscore. As a whole, these color choices make for an area of the home that becomes even more rewarding through experience.


...Or Kitchen



Grey has been quite the favorite as of late. And for good reason; it's flexible in both range and personal style. While remaining true to its classy neutrality, it becomes graphic when used on trim and built-ins which allows the whiteness of the walls to feel soft and considered.


...Or Bathroom

Image: House Beautiful

Image: House Beautiful

Sea glass-inspired blues and greens make for lovely bathroom colors. This particular iteration has a wholeness that lends it a farmhouse practicality. Yet its use on the trim and wainscoting, in addition to that clawfoot tub and marble floor, bring to mind more decadent spaces...


When in Versailles make your trim bold (and gold).


If you're looking for a simple way to refresh a room, a change in trim color may very well be your answer. Our daily rates are perfect for accomplishing these lighter tasks, so whether you'd like to give scuffed wooden door frames an update in minimal and modern white or you want to add earthiness to an entryway, there's truly a spectrum of accessible, exciting options. (And, yes, we can do gold, too.)


2016 Paint Color Rundown

Color Theory 2016 Color Combo of the Year

Barely There CSP-725 & Antique Glass CSP-695

The Color Theory Color Combo of the Year is Barely There and Antique Glass, both colors out of the Benjamin Moore Color Stories Collection. We love these colors and love the way they look in a real space. Barely There in action is a faint grey, that's really closer to white. It's calming and cool, with a slight hint of blue-green which makes it an excellent pairing with Antique Glass. It's perfect as a neutral but light enough to work as trim. Antique Glass is a calming hip teal. Very current and in, and so fun in a modern home.

You can use this combination in a variety of ways. For an off-beat, against the common grain look, paint the walls Barely There and the Trim and Doors Antique Glass like the photo above. It's bright and vibrant, full of life and current. Not so sure about unconventional trim? Put Antique Glass on your kitchen cabinets and they'll jump right off of the wall. Truly awesome.

Flip the scheme painting the trim in your home Barely There and paint your kitchen, dining room or a bathroom in Antique Glass. If you have concrete flooring Antique Glass is a great option. It makes your floor look like an oceanic floor that you just want to dive into.

Keep reading for more color collections from some of your favorite paints.

Benjamin Moore 2016 Color of The Year

Simply White OC-117

The Benjamin Moore Color and Design Team traveled the globe and after months of research has created Color Trends 2016 . We are thrilled to announce our Color of the Year 2016: Simply White OC-117. #ColorTrends2016 The color white is transcendent, timeless, and its versatility is unmatched.

Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color of the Year

Alabaster SW-7008

Understated and alluring, our 2016 Color of the Year Alabaster (SW 7008) is absolutely adaptable: elevating simplicity, embracing comfort, bridging transitional and modernizing traditional. Pair it with other neutrals. Balance it with natural materials. Create a soothing oasis of calm simplicity.

BEHR 2016 Color Trends - The Structure of Color

Because generations today are so plugged in to technology, people across the world are becoming sensory-deprived. There's a void, a need to be engaged with the sense of sight, sound and touch in home environments.

Ready for a new pop of color in the new year?

Get a Color Consultation with Color Theory!



Colors of the Month - A Sophisticated Winter Palette

Winter time colors should evoke a sense of dignity and warmth. They must combat the dreariness of everyday winter and yet make it look like a dance.  

Source: Color Stories Collection

Source: Color Stories Collection

With the trees now bare this light forest-sage green brings the foliage back into your home. It echoes the pine of the Christmas tree and would be great in a kitchen, family room or bathroom. 

Summer's Day CSP-780

Summer's Day CSP-780

Golden hues are the epitome of elegance. Golden garland and warm lights feed into this color. Use this as the backdrop to your fireplace and hearth or in the entire living room. A home office would also take to this color well with mahogany built-ins. 

Gilded Ballroom CSP-980 Benjamin Moore

Gilded Ballroom CSP-980 Benjamin Moore

Here is your neutral color used in transition spaces. Large open rooms and hallways, rooms that are connected to other rooms need a palette cleanser. As we move into 2016 you'll see the return of the off-white as neutral. 

Ice Milk CSP-1025

Ice Milk CSP-1025

Lastly, our statement piece. The only color that says, "yes, I am brooding winter, what about it?" It's dramatic and wonderful. Paint this color in a formal dining room and use your holiday decorations of warm white lights, silver and gold and spruce to make it charming and cozy. An off-white table setting will bring back your neutral into the room taking off the edge.

Windy City CSP-150 Benjamin Moore

Windy City CSP-150 Benjamin Moore

Would you like to see these colors in your home? Give us a call! 812-219-1537  Estimates are always free! 

How to Pick Colors for Your Home

You've been there, I've been there, staring at that wall of color trying to figure out where to begin and all of these colors have simply left you in the dark...(get it? It's because their silhouettes in the stock picture are dark...).  In all seriousness, it's hard, you don't know if it's going to all flow together in real life the same way it flows in together in your mind (not to mention the spouse isn't helping at all).  Trust me, I've had that same argument with my wife and picking colors is what I do for a living.  That's why color consultations are so important when deciding to paint your home. 

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Nursery Colors with Baby Quirk

We've painted quite a few nurseries and kids rooms lately and one of the biggest concerns I hear from expectant moms is that they don't want to impose pink on their girls or blue on their boys.

This is part of a growing trend in color decisions where there is a concern about putting pressure on kids from an early age to be or act a certain way.  The challenge is, how do we incorporate a child's taste without it overwhelming the room with that one color?  The latest answer is to use a light neutral gray and fill the rest of the room with as many colors as possible. 

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Featured Color - Chopped Dill 496 Benjamin Moore

The great thing about the Color Theory process is that it's built around the lives of our customers. We specialize in residential interior repaints and are accustomed to painting for folks in various stages of living in their home. From new move ins, to getting ready to sell; or even if it's the house your kids grew up in and it hasn't been painted since the 80's. We have the solution to providing a comfortable and easy painting service.

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Understanding Value

Value is the range from light to dark of any color. In fine arts painting we use dark colors to push objects forward while light colors recede. As in a landscape painting a tree in the foreground would be darker than the mountains in the background. We can play with this in a home just as we did in this living room. 

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