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The average american spends 55% of their day at work while the rest of the day is often go-go-go from one place to the next taking care of household chores, errands and leisure activities. This means that most of your day is spent in one place—at the office. What does this mean for your well being and the well being of your staff?

"Morris Levy, co-founder of co-working space The Yard, noted that since people can work anywhere, you should provide a space that employees are happy coming to.

'The reality is we're all here to make a living and contribute something, so space is really important,' Levy said. 'Most people spend as much time here as in their home. If you're working in a dull space, what is inspiring you?'"
(See more at: Business News Daily)

Goal One: Inspire Your Team

No matter your place of work whether it's an office space, retail outlet, school or hospital, the people working there are going to derive a lot of their productive energy from the people around them and their environment. The work space you provide should be a living, breathing manifestation of your company's culture.

Adding color through painting your commercial space provides one of the most visible and impactful transformations of any change you can make. In fact, studies show that the paint color of an office, classroom or work space can effect the productivity of the people in the environment. Knowing what colors lead to better productivity and focus can help you get the level of results you need on a daily basis.

Goal Two: Inspire Those You Serve

Certain color schemes can impact consumer behavior in the way they do business with you. For example, colors like red or orange stand out and illicit feelings of arousal that lead to impulse purchases. Whereas greens are correlated with conscious decisions where purchases require more thought before buying. Calming colors may works best in a therapy or hospital setting while warmer, cozier paint colors might work better in an evening dining restaurant.

Whatever your service need is, choosing a color palette specific to the people you are serving will subconsciously affect the way people work with you. Meeting with a color expert like Color Theory can make a huge difference in the atmosphere you provide to your guests.

Goal Three: Connect To Your Brand

The most valuable thing in your entire organization is your brand because your brand carries with it your reputation. The way your company or place of service is perceived by the public affects the type of clientele you attract. The better your place of business reflects your brand the greater impact you will have among the people you serve.

The Color Theory Approach

Unlike your typical "splash and dash" paint company we think about your perspective as an organization. Who are you serving? What are your goals with them? How can we best facilitate the service experience?


First, we help you find the appropriate color scheme for your goals. Are you a day spa looking to help people unwind and relax? Or a school, trying to help kids be excited about being in class with their peers and learning? Are you a hospital where everyday people are experiencing the scariest day of their lives?

The backdrop of these events matters and our Color Theory Color Designers know how to help you choose the appropriate color scheme to best fit your place of service.


Paint Product

Second, we look at multiple finish options to help you find the appropriate coating for the job. In the commercial space we recommend a wide variety of commercial coatings from Sherwin-Williams. Whether you need something that you can paint once and have it last for years or if the constant hustle and bustle of your workplace requires constant maintenance and touch up, we will offer you the most appropriate option within the budget your organization can afford.

why paint product really matters

Large facility painting requires constant attention and upkeep. However, some organizations have different needs and wear their buildings differently. For example, a hospital is always worried about health and infections spreading. Sherwin-Williams offers an anti-microbial paint that leaves a bacteria resistant film that will actually reduce the spreading of infection. While on the other hand, a manufacturing plant may have constant scuffing and dings from an active labor force and so a lower cost commercial product may be best because not even the highest quality paints can withstand the rigorous nature of the workplace. 

Customer Service

Third, we know that you need to work with a company that is low maintenance and easy to work with. Scheduling, work quality and general interference are factors we think about when we approach your project. We want you to deal with as little of the process as possible, giving you more time to do what's most important.

The painters we assign to your project are well trained and experienced. We give them clear instructions at the beginning of the job and focus on completing the project in a timely manner. This will get your place of work functioning as per usual as fast as possible.

We also value communication. In addition to a Team Leader assigned to manage the crew and carry out the day to day, you'll also have a Project Coordinator assigned to the project to help facilitate communication with Color Theory and your facilities manager.

Pricing & Estimates


We have two options for how to approach your project. Many commercial buildings and facilities are really only in need of annual touch ups to keep the place from looking dingy. For these projects we have a daily rate under our Painter for a Day Program. For all other projects we provide a painting quote based on measurements like square footage. To determine what is best for your situation, we'd like to set up an appointment to meet in person.

Painter for a Day Touch Ups

The painter for a day program is really great for commercial facilities that endure regular wear and tear and need touch ups or very small one day projects done. With the painter for a day you request 1 to 3 painters at our daily rate and provide paint for the selected areas of focus. From there it's point and paint. You point, we paint! We'll work a full day on your project touching up various spots and painting smaller areas that need attention. Touch ups are a really great option for small dings and scuffs all over the place, however, it is important to note that sometimes, touch ups don't blend in as well, even if the paint is coming from the same can. Painting walls from corner to corner can remedy this common problem. The painter for a day program only guarantees the amount of time we'll work, not the completion of the project. For larger projects or full repaints, we suggest scheduling an estimate. 

Full Commercial Repaint

For projects that are larger in scope a full repaint may be in order. To complete entire rooms we'll do a free estimate, measuring out the space and providing a price based on square footage of surfaces being painted. This will give you the best results and is necessary when updating color or when the existing color has faded or undergone significant abuse.

We provide both Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting in the Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN area.

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