Bring Balance to Your Home & Life

Does your life and home feel just a little “off” and you’re not sure why? Sometimes the layout of your home and its objects can obstruct the energy flow or contradict your priorities, leaving you feeling unsettled and maybe even getting in the way of accomplishing your objectives.

Feng shui can bring balance to your home and support positive change in your life by aligning the layout of your home with your priorities and energy. Clients report that life gets a little easier once their home “feels right.”

How it works

Price: $250 • Time: 2 hours
Note: If you are having your home painted, we recommend that you schedule your feng shui consultation after the painting.

During your 2-hour consultation, certified feng shui consultant Jes Miller will use principles from feng shui, color theory, and interior design to identify areas of your home or life that may be at odds with your priorities and create a plan to improve your home’s balance.

The Bagua represents the fundamental principles of life. It can be applied to your home or a room, aligning the front door or entrance with the bottom center of the bagua.

The Bagua represents the fundamental principles of life. It can be applied to your home or a room, aligning the front door or entrance with the bottom center of the bagua.

After booking your appointment, you will be emailed a pre-consultation form. Your consultation will begin with a discussion of this form to understand your home & life situation and objectives for the consultation. Then you will walk through the home and Jes will overlay your home’s floor plan with the bagua - a map of the 8 fundamental areas of your life - and discuss areas of opportunity to improve the areas that relate to your priorities. She will identify patterns in the home that are keeping it stuck and align your environment with your priorities so the focus of your home matches your internal focus.

Depending on your needs and priorities, your consultation may include:

  • Analysis of the alignment between your priorities and your home’s appearance and suggestions to fix any conflicts.

  • Identification of energy problems (stagnation, obstruction, negative energy, etc.) and suggestions to adjust the placement of furniture, objects, and decoration to improve the energy in each room and throughout the house.

  • Suggestions for clearing clutter

  • Suggestions for color, decorations, and other design aspects to improve energy and match your personal style

  • How to incorporate the 5 elements of feng shui (wood, water, earth, metal, fire) to support your own energy and create harmony in your home.

Your consultation is more than just a theoretical exercise; Jes will help you develop an actionable plan to adjust the layout and use of objects to improve the energy flow in your home. This may include changing the position of furniture, moving decorations based on color or materials, or even changing the function of certain rooms to reflect your priorities.

Balanced home, balanced life

Bringing balance to your home can create balance in your life. You will be amazed at the transformation that even simple changes can bring. Aligning your home with your priorities can set the stage for positive change in the rest of your life. After a feng shui consultation, some clients have reported that job opportunities have come their way, relationships improved, or they had increased motivation to achieve their goals.

What will you accomplish once your home is balanced?