Painters That Care

We really love painting. Something about it is so unnerving and peaceful. What we find, is that in the quiet moments, once all of the furniture is cleared out, the picture frames are taken down and the nail holes filled in, a calming feeling comes over the body. We are able to step back and out of the world, throw our cares to the side and let our mind be distilled by the simplicity of what we do. A freshly prepped room waiting for paint is like a new blank canvas which to an artist is the beginning of inspiration. Each of our Bloomington based painters approach our jobs everyday like a work of art.

Getting to paint the perfect color for you is just exciting to us!


Talented Painters

We're all about fresh, crisp, clean lines and rich color. You'll be amazed by the care we put into every room. Meticulous and careful is how I'd describe our work ethic. We understand the fundamental desire for every American to have a home that is more than just a place to live but a sanctuary, safe and calm. You need interior painters who get that.

Every Color Theory Painter is professionally trained the Color Theory Way. That makes achieving consistent results a behavior. When you mix a job well done and the perfect color, you'll find yourself sitting in the home of your dreams! And you've been living in it all along. Browse our photo gallery below for some great ideas!


We believe painting the interior walls of your home has the cure to help you unwind and decompress for the day. Studies show that people often have quite visceral reactions to color. Especially when it's as pervasive as wall color. There is a color for every mood and personality and we are really good at helping you find that color. 

We know how important it is to feel like you can come home and relax. We believe painting has the cure to help you unwind and decompress for the day. That's why we take so much pride in what we do. That's what makes us Color Theory.

Interested in having the exterior of your home painted? 


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Great Color

At Color Theory we focus on great color. We want you to love your home and we see painting as the backdrop to your life. Picking out an interior paint color can be overwhelming. Our color experts are really great at finding fantastic colors that complement the decor you already have so that you don't have to go out and buy all new furniture after you paint.

The other advantage to getting help with colors is that you'll get the color right the first time and avoid the costly and annoying expense of having to repaint. Many of our customers enjoy this feature of our company and you can too!


Great Customer Service

We talk about customer service daily. Every decision we make asks the question "what is best for the customer". We're so dedicated to customer service that if you aren't experiencing the best painting service you've ever had we'll give you your paint for FREE. That's a guarantee that can't be beat. 

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