The right interior painting can help you thrive

The interior walls of your home serve as the backdrop to your daily living. The right painting & style can enrich your life, lighten your mood, and bring your friends and family closer together. Crisp, clean lines and the right color scheme can set the tone for you to work, play, and relax.

Whether you recently moved in and want your new home to reflect your style or have lived in it for years and need a refresh, our house painters can help you transform your house into a home that you love by painting the walls, trim, cabinets, or ceiling.


Choosing paint colors & More

You may be a little uncertain about your ability to achieve the look you want or to know what paint colors would look best in your home. One of our Color Theory consultants will guide you through the process to ensure that the finished result delivers the right style, energy, and feeling that you’re trying to achieve.

During your free, no-obligation estimate, your consultant will listen to your desires, needs, budget, and priorities and help you articulate your vision to turn it into a concrete interior painting plan. She or he will help you choose the right paint colors, paint types, and other details that amateur painters may not be aware of, but that can make a big difference in the end result.

As you discuss the detailed painting estimate, your consultant will work with you to adjust the project scope and details to fit your needs and budget. Once you have accepted the estimate and paid the 25% down payment, we’ll schedule your job (typically 2-6 weeks ahead). We’ll also send you information & tips about what to expect during the painting process.

Every estimate includes basic color advice. If you need extra help choosing colors, you can also schedule a full color consultation to find the right paint colors for your home.


Local painters that care

A few days before your job is scheduled, your local painter craftsman crew leader will contact you to coordinate scheduling details for your job. Our painters are professional, friendly, and easy to work with. They respect you and your property and will take great care of both during the project. They will do all they can to turn your plan into reality and ensure you have a great experience with us during the painting process.


Don’t take our word for it

We have worked with many families like yours to ensure the rooms they live in are places they can thrive in. From brightening a single room to transforming the look of the whole house, our professional painting can help you love your home.


Don’t settle for mediocrity

We can help you turn your home into the oasis you need it to be. The sooner you book your free estimate, the sooner you will love your home. There’s no reason to settle for mediocrity or live your live surrounded by a bland backdrop or ugly environment. Let us help you transform your house into a place that helps you feel balanced and energized so you can work, play, relax, and live life to the fullest.

Set the stage for the life you want with a look designed just for you. Love your home and your life.