Interior Check List

Prep Work
The prep work was thorough and precise. Wall repairs were well sanded with no shrinking. Caulking was smooth and excess wiped away. Faceplates were removed and covered with tape. All screws and faceplates were intact and kept in a sealed container. Walls were pole sanded, dusted and washed (if necessary). Masking provided straight lines and minimal bleed through.
Brush Work
High Cut and Low Cut lines were straight and without streaks. Two coats of paint were applied in a timely manner.
Roller finish is smooth and even with minimal flashing and uniform coverage. The surface is free from sags, runs, holidays and other deficiencies that would otherwise be a direct result of our service. Two coats of paint were applied in a timely manner.
Finish is uniform and smooth. Over spray was contained and cleaned up. Sprayer was properly cleaned and filled with storage fluid.
Clean Up
All prepping materials are removed from the painted surface and thrown away. The room/task has all company equipment, materials, and items removed and packed away. The floors are vacuumed or swept and any paint drips or stains have been properly cleaned. Paint cans are labelled with room name, date and company sticker.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer has walked through and is satisfied with the finished product. All concerns have been addressed and corrected.