Jes Miller

“Our homes are a reflection of who we are, and where we are in life. Let's work together to create a home and a life you love.”

Jes Miller has more than a decade of experience working with color. From appliances and phones to jewelry and paint, Jes has a deep knowledge of color and materials. She couples this experience with understanding of human psychology and energy flow to offer a unique perspective on improving the spaces where we live. Jes is also a certified Feng Shui consultant and professional organizer.

Jes is an Indiana native, growing up just outside of Columbus. After graduating with a BA in Industrial Design from Purdue University, Jes worked in product design for automotive, home appliances, and consumer electronics. She decided to switch from product design to people-centered services and moved to Bloomington where she has helped clients express their style and improve their well-being through kitchen & bath design, handmade jewelry, and as a freelance practitioner of Feng Shui, energetic medicine, and de-cluttering.

Jes joined Color Theory in April 2019 as a Color Theory Consultant, where she looks forward to helping you transform your home by applying her expertise in color, design, and energy.


Services offered:

Painting Estimate

During your free, no-obligation estimate, your consultant will discuss your objectives & the scope of your project, and help you select paint colors & finishes. Estimates available for exterior, interior, & cabinet painting projects.

Color Consultation

Let us take the risk and guesswork out of choosing colors for your home’s interior or exterior, leaving you confident that you will love your newly painted house.

Feng Shui Consultation

Bring balance to your home and support positive change in your life by aligning the layout of your belongings with your priorities.

Day of De-Cluttering

Your belongings should help you live life to the fullest. A professional organizer can help you decide which items to keep as she helps you organize to make the most of your home.

Why you’ll love working with Jes

"Working with Jessica was fun and inspiring. She gave me low-cost tips and ideas for transforming my space. She encouraged me to commit my extra room for the guest space I've always wanted and immediately after I did that, a friend called from out of town to say they were visiting! Amazing." - Sarah B.

"Jes is intuitive, kind, tapped in, and amazing to work with. She listens and works hard to provide the most value to her clients." - Kaja P.

"Jes makes it easier to invite people over, clean with intent, and feel the power of home regardless of your zip code and size." - Bernard C.

"Jes has helped immensely with clearing clutter and choosing beautiful paint colors in my home. Not only does she have skill... she also has a lovely quality about her... bringing ease, acceptance, and joy to the whole process." - Greta L.