You chose the home; now choose the look

You bought your new house because you love the location and the layout and it has lots of “potential.” You have a vision for what it can be, but right now it’s still full of the previous owner’s decisions. The look is old, doesn’t fit your style, or is just downright ugly.

You may want to paint your new home before you move in or you may have lived in it while working on your checklist of home improvements. Either way, we can help you transform your new house into a home that you love. Our professional painters offer interior & exterior painting as well as details like trim & cabinet painting.


Color professionals Guide the way

Whether you know exactly what rooms to paint and what colors you want or you only have an idea that something needs to change, one of our local Color Theory consultants can help you articulate your vision for your new home and turn it into a painting plan to create the home you’ve dreamed of. At your estimate or color consultation, he or she will listen to your desires, needs, priorities, and budget and help you choose the right colors, paint, and details that will bring your vision to life.

Once you accept the estimate, we will schedule your job (typically 2-6 weeks after the estimate). During the job, our painters will turn your plan into reality. Our craftsman painters are professional, friendly, and easy to work with. They will communicate with you before and during the job to ensure your needs are met and that you not only love the finished work, but also the process of working with us.


Love your new home

Painting can not only transform the appearance of your home, but also improve your experiences in it. You moved to this home for the promise of what it could be. We can help that become a reality. Book your free, no-obligation estimate today to meet with a Color Theory consultant to transform your home into a place you will love.

We have worked with many families like yours to help them turn a home full of “potential” into a home full of joy. See the results for yourself:

Don’t let your hard work of finding the right home go to waste by not making it your own. Don’t settle for living with someone else’s choices. If you don’t take the opportunity to turn your home into a place you will love, you will never realize the full potential of the joy you can have in it.

Set the stage for the life you want with a look designed just for you. Love your home and your life.