Cabinet Painting


Cabinet Painting


Painting kitchen cabinets can be the make-over you've been looking for at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen remodel. We make the process simple, clean and pain-free.

Figuring out how much cabinets cost to paint is easy. 


  1. Add up the number of doors and drawers you have and enter that number into the quantity box
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Call us at 812-668-2113 to confirm the pricing and to set up a time to look at color!


If you're looking to update your kitchen, painted cabinets might be a better idea than replacing them.  

Here are some of the benefits to painting cabinets:

  • Save, literally, thousands of dollars!
  • Get a customized and personal color.
  • Keep your kitchen operational during project.
  • Maintain and keep clean easier and longer.

Price Above Includes:

  • Surface Preparation and Painting Cabinets 2 Coats
    • We will clean, scuff sand, prime and paint two coats on the outside surfaces of the cabinets, including the inside of the doors. This offer does not include painting the inside of cabinets or drawers, nor walls or trim work around cabinets.
  • Minor repairs that can be repaired with wood filling or sanding
    • Larger damages to woodwork can be repaired at an extra cost. Does not include refacing laminate. 
  • Basic Prep Supplies such as tape, patching and caulking
    • Paint is sold separately and will be charged according to use upon completion of project.
    • Expect usage of around 1 gallon of primer and 2 gallons of a high quality waterborne alkyd enamel paint.

Not valid for cash back. Package is for residential service only. Deal cannot be applied to current or past jobs. Appointments are to be performed during normal business hours. Standard cancellation policy applies. This deal includes all industry standards set forth by the PDCA.