Take A Look At Some Past Projects

If you’re looking into how much it costs to paint your house, take a look at a few projects from past customers below. Or to read the stories behind some of our projects, you can read more on our blog.


Modern Craftsman Home - Interior

This wonderful couple moved to Bloomington for work at IU. They needed their walls painted and took advantage of the Color Consultation for help with color.

Project Cost w/ Premium Paint:

  • Living Room - $500

  • Dining Room - $450

  • Kitchen - $530

  • Hall - $375

  • Stairway - $425

  • Half Bath - $300

  • Bedroom - $550

Total: $3,130

*Interior prices may vary according to project scope. Small projects start $299-$2,500. Average projects range from $2,500-$5,600. Large projects range from $5,600-$20,000.

Cedar Shake Colonial - Exterior

This older colonial style cedar shake home has lovingly been identified by the family as “the blue home” on the block. Maintaining the siding was the big goal and restoring the beauty of the home to this original shade of blue was part of the process. We brought in a local carpenter to replace several damaged and rotting shakes and our team of craftsmen worked diligently to restore the finish.

Project Cost w/ Premium Exterior Paint:

  • Labor - $8,200

  • Materials - $1700

Total: $9,900

*Exterior prices vary according to scope. Smaller single story homes range from $2,999-$5,500. Multi Level homes range from $5,500-$18,000

Cabinet Painting

For this kitchen remodel, replacing already great quality cabinets at the high cost of new ones seemed wasteful so the homeowner decided to research companies that paint cabinets. They needed a fine spray finish with a durable product. We were able to take the doors to our shop for spraying and painted the bases in place.

Project Cost w/ High Quality Enamel

  • Labor - $2,400

  • Materials - $260

Total : $2,660

*Cabinet pricing ranges according to number of cabinet doors. Average pricing for cabinets can range from $2,000-$4,200.