I know what you're thinking, what the heck happened?!?

Spring happened!

Every year the good weather arrives and so does the mildew. It makes your house look...well...bad. Every time you come home or think of having summer guests over for a cookout, there's the mildew, staring you in the face.

Power washing is the simple solution to cleaning your home to get that curb appeal back each and every year. Many of the houses in Bloomington are vinyl siding which is especially good at attracting mildew but on the bright side vinyl siding is easy to pressure wash.



If you have the equipment, power cleaning your house isn't that bad. It's a good DIY project that will benefit the way you feel about your home on an annual basis. If you don't have a pressure washer, you can rent one for about $75/day from a rental company and make it a weekend project. The problem with weekend projects is that they get pushed back weekend after weekend. Also, getting up high to a second story or being able to wash out the gutters may be a little tricky. 

For just a little more than renting a power washer on your own you can have our team of friendly pros do the job for you! We can power wash your exterior siding, clean out your gutters, wash your windows, pressure wash your decks, driveway, sidewalks or fences all using a gentle process that won't damage the surface or cause harm to your lawn and garden.

Our staff is respectful, thorough and hard-working. No need to worry about the job getting done well!
We take pride in making it shine!


Make it look new again!

Here's how:

  1. Contact us about your power washing project by calling 877-804-2652 or by scheduling below.

  2. We arrive on the day we schedule with our own professional equipment. (No need to be present)

  3. We connect to your water source and begin work right away!

  4. We clean side by side, rinsing your windows and cleaning out your gutters while we're there.

  5. Our team packs up and your house looks great!

For easy purchase, order our services online!


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