Torlando Hakes  Color Consultant & Owner

Torlando Hakes Color Consultant & Owner

Torlando Hakes, Color Consultant & Owner

Torlando has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Indiana University. His excellent eye for color and artful taste help clients to reach a color palette for their home that flows beautifully, adds personality, charm and character.

Torlando has over 15 years of painting experience. He is described by his clients as a "craftsman" and a "consummate professional". He always strives to be kind and considerate, treating the clients home as his own. Today you'll see Torlando being directly involved in the estimating and color consulting process at the beginning of the job. Then with the help of his production team he'll help you get the results you truly desire.

Color Theory crew members also have a considerable amount of experience and education. Personally trained in the Color Theory way, they exhibit skill, professionalism and trustworthiness. Learn more about them below!


The Color Theory Team




Color Theory Team Members are Great! Our painters are talented and care about what they do. Many of our team members are artists and have a great eye for color and craftsmanship.

They come from a variety of experience levels and ALL are trained in the Color Theory Way. That means that the results are consistent and professional looking every time. 

We keep our teams small but efficient.  You'll have the opportunity to know their names and get to know who is in your home.  They are polite and helpful. We understand the importance of the home being a safe place and so we strive to be trustworthy and kind.

Team members will also keep in contact with you as your project gets completed and make sure that they are completing areas of your home in a way that suits your family needs. Ask them a question and they'll help you find a solution. In addition to our staff of outstanding painters we also work closely with a few independent teams, especially during peak season. These seasoned professionals know what they are doing and take pride in a job well done. What makes them independent is that they own their own tools, carry their own liability insurance and workers comp and are paid by the job as opposed to by the hour like our in-house staff. We carefully select our independent teams based on quality of performance and their ability to present themselves in a professional manner. Some of our independent teams were once on staff with Color Theory and have become independent as the next big step in their painting career.


Team Members

Caitlin Tibbs Color Consultant
Cory Bunnell Painter, Team Leader
Nee'a Hulbert Painter, Team Member
Inai Flores Painter, Team Leader
David Gammon Painter, Team Member
Jordan Tarantino Painter, Team Member
Ricardo Avila Painter, Team Member
Jen Clausen Painter, Team Member



Our Training Program

Every painter and color consultant in Color Theory goes through our extensive training certification process, "The Color Theory Way". This training course is designed to teach and train every person on our team in the way we paint houses, choose color and run a business. It produces results that are consistent and professional every project and prepares each team member to take on leadership roles in the future.

We love our team and so do our clients!

Miah M. said:

"Torlando responded quickly to my request for an estimate, which I thought was reasonable. He and his team did an exceptionally high quality paint job. From the quality of the paint they used to its careful application, it was clear that Torlando and his painters are highly skilled and really care about their work. I'm looking to use them again for a larger project at my home - can't recommend highly enough!"

Fellow professionals also have great things to say about us!

Susan Yeley of Susan Yeley Interiors said:
"Torlando and his team are professional and personable, and at Susan Yeley Interiors we very highly recommend them as great painters and people - the kind of contractor you trust to do the work well, charge fairly and be courteous and thoughtful on the job. We know our clients have to feel comfortable living with their contractors in their space; Torlando's a guy you would invite over as a friend - and bonus, he paints! Really well! :)"

Also, check out Susan and her team are truly outstanding designers. The best of Bloomington.


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